PNEC Conferences Announces Awards and Recognition

DALLAS, Texas--April 11, 2006—Petroleum Network Education Conferences, Philip C. Crouse and Associates, Inc. today announced its decade celebration awards and recognition to be presented at the end of the 10th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, eCommerce, and Data Management to be held in Houston on April 19-21, 2006.

Philip C. Crouse noted two people who have made significant contributions to the petroleum data management community and to the PNEC conferences over the last ten years stating “Ellen Hoveland of Anadarko has fostered openness and sharing to improve the industry”. Ellen Hoveland will be presented with the Cornerstone Award citing her work “for continued leadership to the petroleum data management community and for unparallel efforts to assemble PNEC roundtables and forum sessions and provide continued leadership as an advisor to the PNEC Data Management conferences.”

In addition Neil McNaughton of the Oil IT Journal, located in Sevres, France will be recognized for his unbiased coverage of petroleum data management. “Neil has been the best in reporting on developments and trends in the oil data-management patch, and is unparalleled as a writer.” His Press Award cites “Simply the best writer in the global petroleum data, information and knowledge management business. His publication continues to provide the best source of international data management information in the marketplace.”

Additional recognition will be given to founding and supporting exhibitors including Schlumberger Information Solutions, Halliburton Digital and Consulting Solutions, Petris, and Petrosys. Special recognition will be noted to the two leading standards groups – POSC and PPDM for endorsing, sponsoring, and educating about the need for good data standards.

Ten delegates are also being recognized with the Stewart McAdoo Pillar Award for their support - Ellen Hoveland-Anadarko, Najib Abusalbi – Schlumberger, Jim Theriot – POSC, Ellen Lasseter - Landmark, Madelyn Bell – ExxonMobil, Ludwig Gamsjaeger – OMV, Susie Foss – Anadarko, Cindy Cummings IHS, Cora Poche – Shell, and Faye Schubert –Shell. Crouse noted “Stewart McAdoo was a founding member and Chairman of the Geoshare Users Group (now part of POSC). He saw the need to support conferencing efforts and to promote more open standards and integration technology efforts.” “These 10 people continue to show support for data management on many fronts including PNEC data management conferences.”

CONTACT: Philip C. Crouse and Associates, Inc., PNEC Conferences Division Cindy R. Crouse, 214-841-0044

SOURCE: PNEC Conferences Division