Last updated January 14. Check conference websites for latest coronavirus-related information

January 2021

Intrinsic Communications The Oil & Gas IoT Summit (Lisbon) Dates 20 Jan to 21 Jan. Cancelled
LBCG Onshore Well Site Automation 2021 (Online) Dates 26 Jan to 28 Jan. Virtual event

February 2021

Offshore Network Upstream Digital Transformation (EU) (Online) Dates 08 Feb to 12 Feb. Virtual Event
Petroleum Trade Network 2nd Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization Conference 2021 (Online) Dates 18 Feb to 19 Feb. Virtual Event
ISA Data Analytics in Upstream Oil and Gas Virtual Conference (Online) Dates 22 Feb to 22 Feb. Virtual Event
PPDM PPDM Data Management Forum - February (Online) Dates 24 Feb to 25 Feb. Virtual event

March 2021

Rice Oil & Gas High Performance Computing Conference (Online) Dates 05 Mar to 05 Mar. Virtual Event
Luxatia International World Oil and Gas Digitalization Summit (Amsterdam) Dates 11 Mar to 12 Mar.
IPPTC The International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology Conference 2021 (Beijing, China) Dates 30 Mar to 01 Apr.

April 2021

PPDM Professional Petroleum Data Expo (Houston) Dates 13 Apr to 14 Apr.

June 2021

Global Business Club GO Digital Oil & Gas (Amsterdam) Dates 08 Jun to 09 Jun.
EAGE Annual 82nd Conference & Exhibition (Amsterdam) Dates 14 Jun to 17 Jun.

September 2021

ECIM E&P Data and Information Management Conference (Haugesund) Dates 13 Sep to 15 Sep.
IQPC Intelligent Automation in oil and gas (Houston) Dates 13 Sep to 15 Sep. New dates
IPPTC International Field Exploration and Development Conference 2021 (Qingdao,China) Dates 16 Sep to 18 Sep.

October 2021

ACI Digital Refining and Petrochemicals (London) Dates 05 Oct to 06 Oct.

November 2021

IQPC Operational Excellence in oil and gas (Houston) Dates 01 Nov to 03 Nov.