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“The same process works in reverse in a heat pump during the winter. The heat pump takes heat out of the outside air [ ..] and it moves that heat inside, where it is transferred from the evaporator coil to the air circulating through your home. That's not a typographical error, by the way- the heat pump moves heat from outside to warm your home, even on a cold day. That's because "cold" is a relative term. Air as cold as 30 degrees still contains a great deal of heat - the temperature at which air no longer carries any heat is well below -200 degrees Fahrenheit. A heat pump's heat exchanger can squeeze heat out of cold air, then transfer that heat into your home with the help of a fan which circulates the warm air through your ducts.” From


Alternatively - The Second Law Revisited - It is impossible to produce a cyclic engine that generates work by extracting heat from a reservoir without expelling some waste heat. it is impossible to produce a heat pump in which the sole result is the transfer of heat from a low-T to a high-T body.” From


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And also ... “Examining the Amazing Free-Energy Claims of Dennis Lee  - Hundreds of investors believed Dennis Lee's claim of a free-energy machine. A closer look is in order.” From              


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I enjoyed your thoughtful comments about heat pumps in the March edition of Oil Information Technology Journal. It called to mind an interesting concept that I ran across years ago, web-surfing to find information about 'green' technology to satisfy my own curiosity: a house-that-is-a-heat pump. The website is still active: I hadn't thought about all of this in ages, so it was fun to revisit the topic!

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Susie Foss (Anadarko)