Software, hardware short takes…

Upstream: Badleys TrapTester 7.2, Eliis’ Paleoscan 2022.1.1, Resoptima’s ResX 2022.10, HDF5 NeXpy GUI, New PVI CEMLab. Operations: Emerson DeltaV subscription service, HiveMQ 4.9, Sensia Avalon cloud platform. Emissions/environment: AspenOne 14.0, CSA Slick Kit, New KFX JIPs from DNV: Hardware: Seeed Studio’s AI minicomputer, Emesent Hovermap ST-X, MFE gas imaging camera, Schneider’s R-Series micro data center. Miscellaneous: SAP Build, L3Harris Geospatial Envi 5.6.3, New Simscape battery simulator, Origin 2023, Terradepth Absolute Ocean repository.

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