Going, going, ... green

Sustainability: Ipieca’s 2022 sustainability survey. CGI sustainable ‘metaverse’ and SEEDS program. UK FRC - net zero reporting fails to provide sufficient information. IFAC, A4S and Petronas. ISO’s Net Zero Guidelines. Emissions monitoring: Accenture, ‘IRA a big step forward in methane mitigation’. Expro research funded by Net Zero Technology Centre. MiQ/TruMarx certify natural gas. OnLocation upgrades DOE NEMS. Orbital Sidekick GHOSt for iPIPE consortium. TRP Energy, PureWest deploy Validere Carbon Hub. Scepter methane detection balloons launch in Permian basin. CCS: CF Industries, ExxonMobil and EnLink Midstream team on CCS. Global CCS Institute reports progress in ‘advanced development’ category. IOGP recommended practices for CCS. Miscellaneous: Houston Energy Transition Initiative. Resoptima heads CO2 emissions reduction consortium. ‘Mega’ carbon credit sale at FII Dhahran. Vysus/Siccar roll-out Energy Transition Databox. On the other hand: NASA cans GeoCarb. Steinberg Asset Management on the ‘treacherous waters’ of ESG investing.

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