Software, hardware short takes

AgileScientific and the ML algo zoo. Altair Exchange. Asset Guardian certified. CGRisk BowTie Server 11. Chongqing Sevnce’s robot ATEX certified. Enverus MineraliQ portfolio manager. GE Digital’s Proficy 2022. Honeywell Forge connected warehouse. Interica OneView 2022.1. Petrosys PRO OSDU connector. OriginLab’s Origin 2022b. Kongsberg Digital SiteCom Go. mCloud’s AssetCare MobileNow. Moziware CIMO. Rock Flow Dynamics’ tNavigator 22.1. B&Kjær Vibro’s VCM-3/Setpoint. CGG builds ‘EU’ HPC hub in UK. Emerson AMS Machine Works embeds ‘PeakVue’ alerting.

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