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Accenture/AWS to Ecopetrol. Aker BP/Accenture/Cognite ‘data factory in the cloud’. AspenTech for Numaligarh Refinery. Baker Hughes, C3AI, Accenture and Microsoft team on energy IAM. Shell reports C3AI deployment. PBF Energy deploys ClearDox. Enveil teams with Terradepth. HUVR and Crochet Midstream deliver tank asset integrity solution. Petrobel deploys Landmark’s iEnergy Stack. Honeywell Forge for Petroperú. ICE Connect’ for UK BEIS. Schlumberger Delfi for ConocoPhillips. Inatech and partner on risk management. Implico digitizes TanQuid terminal.

Ecopetrol, Accenture and AWS have teamed on a new water intelligence and management solution (WIMS) for the energy industry. The ‘open platform’ covers the water lifecycle from access to treatment, recycle/reuse and disposal and is said to enable water neutrality and ‘net-zero carbon emissions’. WIMS embeds Accenture’s industry insights and cloud capabilities from AWS, including high-performance computing, storage, machine learning and AI. The solution targets Ecopetrol’s water usage and disposal across E&P and refining.

Aker BP and Accenture are teaming on a ‘data factory in the cloud’ to improve oil and gas operations. The project is a component of Aker BP’s digital transformation based on Cognite Data Fusion. Accenture was selected by Aker BP to develop the solution. Other project goals include ‘exploring’ OSDU data standards and formats for wells and seismic data.

India’s Numaligarh Refinery is to deploy AspenTech’s software portfolio in pursuit of ‘operational excellence’. The deal includes Aspen HYSYS, InfoPlus.21, Tank Operations and more. The announcement follows ‘more than a decade of collaboration between both companies’.

Baker Hughes, C3AI, Accenture and Microsoft have teamed on industrial asset management solutions for the energy and industrial sectors. The collaboration focuses on Baker Hughes IAM solutions to optimize plant equipment, processes and operations. Net zero/decarbonizing is also an objective. The teaming follows an earlier announcement of the alliance for oil and gas and industrial applications.

In a separate announcement, C3 AI reports that Shell now leverages its AI-based predictive maintenance toolkit across some 10,000 equipment items in global upstream, manufacturing and integrated gas assets. The system ingests some 20 billion rows of data weekly from more than 3 million sensors to train and run 11,000 machine learning models making ‘over 15 million predictions per day. Shell is also commercializing its applications which are now available through the Open Energy AI initiative.

PBF Holding Company, a subsidiary of refiner PBF Energy is to deploy the ClearDox Spectrum intelligent document processing to automate data reconciliation for broker confirmation statements and counterparty contracts.

Data protection specialist Enveil has teamed with ocean data-as-a-service specialist Terradepth to ensure secure and private data usage and access. The capability is said to transform ocean data usage for sensitive business and mission applications including secure maritime domain awareness and mission planning. The deal adds Enveil’s ZeroReveal technology to Terradepth’s Absolute Ocean platform, targeting users in numerous industries, including oil and gas.

Reacting to new Texas state legislation for tank farm storage safety SB900, HUVR and Crochet Midstream Consulting have joined forces to deliver an industry focused, fit-for-purpose solution to meet aboveground storage tank asset integrity inspection challenges. CMC president Earl Crochet described the current situation as a ‘perfect storm’ as ‘industry veterans are exiting and taking their hard-earned tank inspection knowledge with them [while] new inspection technologies and regulations enter the scene’. HUVR’s cloud-based IDMP (inspection data management platform) aggregates inspection data from sensors, robots and field technicians. More from HURV and Earl Crochet a.k.a. ‘The Tank Whisperer’.

Halliburton Landmark is to deliver its iEnergy Stack of ‘on-premise cloud-based’ E&P interpretation solutions to Petrobel, an ENI/Egyptian General Petroleum Corp. The iEnergy Stack includes DecisionSpace software along with third party applications. The ‘private cloud infrastructure’ is said to be a first step in Petrobel’s digital transformation and data residency requirements.

Peruvian integrated oil company Petroperú has implemented Honeywell Forge workforce competency solutions to train its industrial workforce. The deployment is a component of Petroperú’s digital transformation, part of the refinery modernization megaproject at its century old Talara Refinery. The solution includes dynamic training simulators for four new units at Talara along with a training and certification program for operators and supervisors.

BEIS, the UK government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is to deploy Intercontinental Exchange’s ‘ICE Connect’ desktop platform for analysis of the UK’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) markets. ICE Connect aggregates cross-asset real-time data, news and analytics from global markets, helping users manage price and currency risks and streamline workflows. BEIS will also have access to data for UK and European utility markets, including ICE’s benchmark natural gas, power and environmental products. Last year ICE was appointed by BEIS to host emissions auctions for the UK ETS. Some 18 billion tons of carbon allowances were traded on ICE in 2021, equivalent to ‘over half the world’s estimated total annual energy-related emissions footprint’. More from ICE.

ConocoPhillips is to deploy Schlumberger’s Delfi cloud-based environment for reservoir engineering modeling, data and workflows. ConocoPhillips reservoir engineers will have access to cloud-based, high-performance computing resources along with Petrel, Intersect and Eclipse.

Inatech has teamed with to add risk analytics to its Techoil energy trading and distribution system,. The integration adds risk analysis functionality such as risk reduction value and stress testing. Both companies offer solutions are cloud-native, multi-tenant, SaaS solutions. More from Inatech.

Downstream software specialist Implico has completed a ‘visionary’ digitalization project at TanQuid’s Duisburg, Germany tank terminal. The facility is now running Implico’s process-oriented terminal management system OpenTAS 6.0 with additional cloud services from the ‘Supply Chain United’. The Duisburg tank farm comprises 118 tanks holding a wide variety of chemical, petrochemical, and other products. Some 3,500 shipments per month take place in Duisburg under control of OpenTAS. More from TanQuid and Implico.

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