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Beicip-Franlab InterWell 2021. New Safe Software FME Cloud. IBM’s 13 petabyte tape library. Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ iHub/inVision. Petrosys PRO. Interica OneView for OSDU. New E+H Houston flowmeter calibration rig. GE Digital’s autonomous turbine tuning solution. Guardhat adds RKI gas monitoring to connected worker platform. nVent Raychem Pipeline Supervisor. New PVI CEMLab release. Quorum Val Nav 2021 V2. Siemens Comos Mobile Worker. ENS 2022 machine learning data challenges. Stratus’ ruggedized ztC edge computing platform. TGS’ single access point. New Höganäs superalloy for Velo3D printers. Zeno’s new ‘Pioneer’ program for early adopters.

Beicip-Franlab has released InterWell 2021 with new functionalities for direct map extraction from seismic data and interactive filters on gathers to support pre-processing and angle-range decision while stacking. Tuning on prior probabilities and a nested approach for discriminant analysis address complex discrimination problems. New automatic trace classification extracts zonation maps from interpreted or raw 3D data. Also new is connected geobody extraction on any attribute. The software licensing system has been reviewed and now provides more options in the same base license bundle.

Safe Software has updated its FME Cloud geospatial flagship. The new release includes a redesigned and rearchitected web interface, performance improvement, security enhancements and scalability.

A new Redbook from IBM, is a 500 plus page introduction to the IBM TS4500 tape library, a ‘next-generation’ tape solution that offers ‘higher storage density and better integrated management than previous solutions’. The 10 sq. ft. unit holds up to 13 petabytes of uncompressed data.

Calgary-based Intelligent Wellhead Systems’ ‘iHub’ edge computing module supports frac, wireline, and pressure control jobs with data acquisition, storage and bi-directional communications. IWS’ inVision algorithms offer customized workflows, threshold alerts and analytical applications. Privately owned IWS is backed by Pason Systems. More from IWS.

The 2021.2 release of Petrosys PRO includes a complete rebuild of the 3D Viewer around a new graphics engine with multi-threading-based speed improvements. Petrosys has partnered with Amazon Web Services to integrate Interica OneView with the OSDU R3 Mercury platform. IOV can now discover and analyze data stored in OSDU along with in-house and cloud-based petrotechnical apps. More from Petrosys.

A new calibration rig at Endress+Hauser’s Houston campus services customers’ flowmeters, including those from third-party vendors, with expanded line size and flowrate capabilities. The new rig extends testing capabilities to flowmeter sizes from ½” to 12”. The ISO 17025-accredited facility has been providing flow, temperature and pressure calibration services since it opened in 2020. Watch the campus video.

GE Digital’s Autonomous Tuning is to ‘accelerates the energy transition with artificial intelligence and machine learning’. The new software is claimed to reduce gas turbine emissions and fuel consumption. An ML digital twin continuously determines the optimal flame temperature and fuel splits to minimize emissions and acoustics. The edge-deployed software senses changes in ambient temperature, gas fuel properties and performance, adjusting controls every two seconds.

Guardhat has added gas monitoring functionality from RKI Instruments to its connected worker platform. RKI’s GX-3R Pro Bluetooth enabled gas detector senses LEL, O2, CO, and H2S. An optional fifth channel is available for other gasses.

nVent Electric has launched nVent Raychem Pipeline Supervisor, a ‘temperature critical’ pipeline monitoring solution. RPS delivers continuous performance trends and actionable insights for distributed temperature sensing traced in electrically heated pipelines. More from nVent.

V 4.1 of Pegasus VertexCEMLab cement lab data management system offers a ‘crisp new look’ along with a new data hierarchy, improved job tracking and enhanced equipment management.

Val Nav 2021 V2, the latest edition of Quorum Software’s decline curve analysis, petroleum economics, and reserves management software includes new data validation functionality, enhancements to the type well and new economic metrics such as netbacks, recycle ratios, capital efficiency and initial-production rates. More from Quorum.

Comos Mobile Worker from Siemens is a new application for mobile data management with integrated augmented reality functionalities. CMW combines engineering data to provide a holistic view of the plant that can be displayed on tablets, smartphones or data glasses. CMW is based on partner Augmensys UBIK software platform. More from Siemens.

France’s prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieur has announced its 2022 machine learning data challenges. Of note are a semantic segmentation of industrial facility 3D point cloud data (challenge 79) and predicting SO2 concentrations from a sensor network (challenge 69).

The second generation of Stratusruggedized ztC edge computing platform supports up to 10 Xeon cores, ECC memory and up to 2 TB of NVMe storage. The ‘zero-touch’ ztC Edge 200i and 250i machines are destined for operational deployment in the oil and gas and other process industries.

TGS now offers a single access point to all of its interactive applications including the TGS data library, the R360 well log database and the new energy pathfinders.

3D printing specialist Velo3D has qualified a new superalloy for use in its Sapphire family of printers. The new powder, Haynes 282 from Höganäs targets high creep strength, thermal stability and weldability for applications in oil and gas, aviation and other domains. The material is said to be ideal for application in heat exchangers, combustors, turbine nozzles and more. Early adopter of the new powder is Duncan Machine Products of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Zeno Technologies of Austin, TX has announced a new ‘Pioneer’ customer program, offering a curated package of Pioneer benefits, including early access to new product features, enhanced customer support and C-level engagement. Zeno’s Energy Operating System connects data, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers real-time insights for faster, smarter decision-making. Pioneers will be selected to represent a mix of regions, sizes and strategies, with the goal of ‘empowering them to work in a more efficient, trusted and collaborative manner’.

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