Altair 2021 ‘Don’t be Late to Simulate’ Conference

Chiastek presents Cosimate, a ‘complete co-simulation platform’ for simulation across multiple applications and function blocks running on different machines.

A presentation by Matthieu Jude (Chiastek) at the 2021 Altair ‘Don’t be Late to Simulate!’ online event introduced ‘CosiMate, a complete co-simulation platform’. Cosimate is Chiastek’s solution for multi-functional mock-up unit (FMU) simulation. FMUs are programming blocks that perform a specific simulation function. FMI, the companion functional mock-up interface is an API that connects the blocks together. The CosiMate software is a platform that allows co-simulation of both FMUs and native (commercial) models. CosiMate is currently used mostly in aero and automotive industries but the solution may have application in other digital twin developments.

The solution offers time-stepped live co-simulation across different machines, leveraging inter process communication. In the Altair presentation, Jude demonstrates co-simulation using PowerSim’s PSIM and Matlab SimuLink. Oil country use of CosiMate has been reported from China’s Lanzhou Lanshi Heavy Industries to design its oilfield equipment. Lanshi used the toolset to perform co-simulation across Siemen’s Amesim platform, MSC Software’e ADAMS multibody dynamics simulator and Matlab.

In a short email exchange, Jude told Oil IT Journal, ‘CosiMate is the perfect tool to improve development teams coordination and validation of complex systems using integration of models created and hosted from different simulators, languages, domains and networks’. More from Chiastek and CosiMate.

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