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Upstream: Blueback Avary. Expro Galea. Paradigm 19p4, Geolog 21. Geographix Gverse Connect. IHS Markit EDM and OSDU. Petrosys PRO, dbMap/Web. Ceetron ResInsight. D&C: IWS inVisionX. Operations: AspenOne 12.2. ElectrifAi ML as a service. Vallourec’s Behub-e marketplace. Flowserve’s RedRaven IIoT. OspreyData mobile Vision/Flight AI solutions. RigER ‘Greeley’ release. Environment: Kongsberg Maritime’s Blue Insight. Downstream: Flotek’s Verax ISX/IMX analyzers. Miscellaneous: Enthought Edge. One Stop Systems’ Rigel Edge ‘AI on the Fly’. UE Systems’ UltraTrak ultrasonic vibration sensors.


Blueback has announced Avary, for ‘faster, intuitive geophysical insight and analysis’. Avary manages computational operations and data transfer between applications to provide a streamlined, interactive workflow for post stack processing, data conditioning, spectral decomposition and more. Avary was developed in collaboration with Aker BP ‘using Cegal’s next-gen Flows* software architecture’.

* No information on Flows currently available from Cegal.

Expro has announced ‘Galea’ a ‘fully autonomous’ well intervention system. Galea replaces conventional wireline rig-ups for a range of slickline operations such as solids removal, plug setting/pulling and logging surveys. In fully autonomous mode, Galea deploys a tool string into the well. Remote monitoring removes personnel from the wellsite and is claimed reduce the carbon footprint.

Emerson has released Paradigm 19p4 in a move towards the integration of its interpretation solution on a single platform. 19p4 adds high-end seismic visualization and machine learning-based classification along with new SeisEarth workflows for map classification, a ‘complex trace’ workflow for post-stack derivative attributes and a new GPU-based visualization methodology. EarthStudy 360 adds support for pre-stack RTM and Q tomography, and support for AMD processors. Emerson has also released Geolog 21 with new automated petrophysical parameter picking, support for LWD NMR tools and rock physics workflows using shared mineral models. Openness is enhanced through connectivity to OSDU, the Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe, and support for Schlumberger Petrel 2021. Geolog now also supports new energy opportunities in markets such as carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy, radioactive waste disposal and mining. The Paradigm 19 releases are available as both cloud-hosted and on-premise.

Geographix’ Petrel data connector Gverse Connect 2019.4.2 offers a more streamlined UI and single-click transfer of well data, horizons, faults, and surfaces between Petrel and GeoGraphix projects. CRS conversions for all data transfers are now handled automatically. The new version also enables transfer of 3D seismic volumes and color palettes.

IHS Markit is working to support the OSDU Data Platform with EDM workflows aligned with the emerging OSDU technical standards, leveraging the published APIs. IHS is offering to support upstream companies as OSDU ‘moves into implementation’. EDM’s ‘data type and data model agnostic’ design means that adoption can be achieved without ‘complex, time-consuming data manipulation work’. More from IHS Markit.

Petrosys PRO V2021.2 delivers a ‘new and improved’ 3D Viewer, a ‘complete rebuild’ around a new graphics engine, along with multi-threading that uses more of the cores of modern processors. The new release now supports ‘drag and drop’ connectivity from Petrel and DecisionSpace into the Petrosys 3D canvas. Petrosys dbMap/Web 2021.1.2 extends support of the PPDM data model including core/sample analysis with screens for specific well test types and better support for palyno/paleo data. Petrosys, a long-term member of the PPDM community, also reported that dbMap/Web has been recertified as being PPDM Gold compliant. More in the Release Notes.

The 2021.10.0 of Ceetron SolutionsResInsight can now import an ensemble surface to study structural uncertainty across multiple cases and compute the statistics of the ensemble. ResInsight is a component of the Open Porous Media project.


An upgrade to Intelligent Wellhead Systems inVision X digital infrastructure for hydraulic fracturing and wireline operations integrates engineered safety controls, standard operating procedure compliance, and remote valve activation. The V10 release enhances efficiency and safety, and minimizes risk to wellsite personnel with valve position sensors, pressure interlocks, ‘digital handshake’ processes, and remote valve activation. Since inVision was introduced in 2018, the system has delivered more than 26,000 frack stages without a single wireline or pressure control incident. More from privately-owned IWS.


Release 12.2 of AspenOne, AspenTech’s asset optimization package adds new models and capabilities in support of sustainability. New models provide insight into reducing CO2 scopes 1 and 2 emissions.

Machine learning model builder ElectrifAi has announces computer vision and machine learning as-a-service for oil, gas and energy. ElectrifAi’s library of ML models has been ‘built and battle tested over the past 15 years’. Computer vision models address workplace safety and cost reduction. Another MLaaS solution covers spend and procurement analytics.

French tubular manufacturer Vallourec has launched Behub-e, a global online marketplace for sellers and buyers in the energy and industrial markets.

Flowserve’s expanded ‘RedRaven’ industrial IoT digital flow control system now offering valve-specific capabilities that improve flow control visibility and promise increased energy efficiency and uptime. More from FlowServe.

OspreyData has launched a mobile edition of its Vision platform and Flight AI solutions for oilfield production. The full Vision desktop capabilities are now accessible on any smartphone or tablet, extending the ‘virtual control center’ to mobile engineers, pumpers and lease operators.

The V 9.0/‘Greeley’ release of RigER’s eponymous digital field ticketing and asset management solution offers improved dashboards, integrations, and updated CRM and maintenance modules. New communications capabilities connect office, shops, yards, and field crews. Service companies can share information about jobs with operators. QR codes speed equipment check-in/out and inventory control. OpenInvoice integration has been extended. More from RigER.

UE Systems’ UltraTrak 850s smart analog sensor captures ultrasonic vibrations from industrial equipment for predictive maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and energy saving programs. Ultrasound is said to detect early onset failures in industrial equipment. The sensor integrates existing PLC, SCADA, DCS and other automation systems adding real-time data trending and alerting. More from UE Systems.


Kongsberg Maritime has announced ‘Blue Insight’, a cloud-based digital toolbox for collection, visualization and management of ocean data. Blue Insight delivers marine and meteorological information for scientific and industrial users of the maritime environment. Data from ships, underwater vehicles and ROVs is accessible from Ocean View, a web-based viewer of historic and real-time data. An early adopter of Blue Insight is a collaboration between Kongsberg and Akvaplan-niva for the collection of meteorological, oceanographic, biological and chemical data from unmanned autonomous glider vehicles. The project has been under way for several years, but recent funding from ConocoPhillips Norway has focused on the Glider Project that is investigating the impact of offshore oil and gas facilities on some marine species in the North Sea.


Flotek unit JP3 Measurement has introduced a new generation of international ATEX/IECEx certified online analyzers. Verax ISX/IMX deliver real-time composition and physical properties measurement including vapor pressure, boiling point, flash point, octane level, API gravity, viscosity, BTU and more. The solution is deployed at stabilizers, plants, blending facilities, pipelines and terminals. A new Automated Interface Detection Algorithm, (AIDA) performs real-time detection of interfaces in a liquids pipeline, said to be a ‘a game-changer in transportation of multiple products in a common pipeline’.


Enthought Edge is a ‘DataOps’ solution for R&D data management. Edge takes ‘scattered, complex and varied’ R&D data and makes it analysis-ready. Checkout the early access program.

One Stop Systems’ Rigel Edge Supercomputer offers ‘AI on the Fly’, bringing AI datacenter performance to ‘the edge’, including mobile platforms. OSS units span the entire AI workflow, from high-speed data acquisition to deep learning, training and inference. The unit includes an NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU platform with the latest NVIDIA NVLink GPU interconnect in place of ‘traditional’ PCI Express GPUs. More from OSS.

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