NVIDIA announces ‘lightspeed breakthrough’ climate modeling supercomputer

NVIDIA is to build the ‘world’s most powerful AI supercomputer’ dedicated to predicting climate change. ‘Earth-2’ will be a digital twin of the Earth, developed with Nvidia’s ‘Omniverse’ 3D simulation platform. Today’s climate models run on ‘10- to 100-kilometer’ grids, Meter-scale resolution is needed to model changes in the global water cycle — water movement from the ocean, sea ice, land surface and groundwater through the atmosphere and clouds.

According to Nvidia, at current rates of progress in computing, this would take decades to achieve. Earth-2 claims to ‘jump to lightspeed’ with ‘million-x speedups’ that combine GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and ‘breakthroughs’ in physics-informed neural networks and AI supercomputers.

The Omniverse platform may have application in oil and gas data analysis. The visualization front end for Earth2 is ParaView, originally a US DOE funded visualization package. ParaView has been used in the DOE’s 2015 RVA: 3-D oil field simulator and in Total’s in-house HPC/big data viewer. Earth-2 is also a ‘twin’ to Nvidia’s Cambridge-1, the UK’s most powerful supercomputer, dedicated to biology and healthcare. More on Earth-2 from Nvidia.

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