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New Actenum Upstream. Becip EasyTrace 2021. Paradigm RMS 13. IHS Analytics Explorer 7.0. Ikon RokDoc 2021.4. Rock Flow Dynamics tNavigator 21.3. NORCE Lime V2.3. Schlumberger Periscope Edge. RealWear’s Zoom-enabled headset. Schlumberger Optiq fiber. Thermo Scientific’s Delta Q IRMS. Hexagon’s BLK reality capture. MODS Reality 2.0. myQuorum Pipeline Management. Implico Avalara Tax Connector.


The latest release of Actenum Upstream, (Version 6.7.1) notifies stakeholders of schedule updates, deadlines and KPIs. Actenum’s scheduling software is used to plan and optimize construction, drilling, fracturing, workovers and more.

Beicip’s EasyTrace 2021 adds rock physics model building, new graph analyses and ‘Quick Sets’ for organizing well data. More from Beicip.

Emerson/Paradigm’s RMS 13 enables fast updates of facies models. Data types can be grouped into user-defined classes, projects can be tagged with comments, and a new ‘big loop’ workflow provides integration with an external orchestrator. RMS project data and jobs are now programmable using Python.

IHS Markit’s Analytics Explorer 7.0 incorporates machine learning predictive models including ‘factor contribution analysis’ for model ‘explicability’, ‘Winerack’ visualizations of lateral wells, and a new XGBoost prediction algorithm.

Ikon Science has released RokDoc version 2021.4. with improvements on performance, user experience, and expanded functionality. More from Ikon Science.

Ikon has also added new, user-centric enrichments to its Curate subsurface knowledge management solution. New features include increased data usability and document search, improved functionality of the well and seismic viewers and a new attribute analyzer for users of Ikon’s QI inversion products.

Rock Flow Dynamics has released tNavigator 21.3 with updates and improvements of the simulator kernel, graphical interface, history matching and uncertainty modules, geology and model designer, PVT designer and more.

The NORCE Virtual Outgroup Group has released LIME V2.3 and a new release of V3Geo with over 100 new features and improvements. Users can contribute geological models to the geoscience community and work on them in LIME, ‘making 3D geomodelling accessible to all’.


Schlumberger’s ‘PeriScope Edge’ multilayer mapping-while-drilling service introduces new measurements and an ‘industry leading’ inversion process for geosteering in reservoirs with multiple thin layers. More from Schlumberger.


RealWear has teamed with Zoom to expand the use of its RealWear assisted reality headset devices to frontline workers globally at ExxonMobil. The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is an ATEX-certified head-mounted Android computer for use in explosive environments. ExxonMobil has been using the devices since 2017, but began using the devices with Zoom earlier this year for remote expert guidance. More from RealWare.

Schlumberger’s new Optiq fiber-optic solutions, deliver distributed sensing capabilities for a wide range of applications and environments across the energy industry. Optiq can be installed permanently behind casing or on tubing, along pipelines and on to midstream and downstream infrastructure. Schlumberger claims that processing the large volumes of fiber-optic measurements is ‘up to 18 times’ faster than current industry practices. More from Schlumberger.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Thermo Scientific Delta Q Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer, the first product developed under the ‘IsoFootprint initiative’ to tackle CO₂ emissions for more sustainable science.


Hexagon claims to ‘revolutionize’ reality capture with the launch of the Leica BLK ARC and Leica BLK2FLY autonomous reality capture solutions. The BLK ARC is a laser scanning sensor that improves robot and other carrier platforms, performing 3D point clouds and panoramic imagery. The BLK2FLY is an integrated, autonomous flying laser scanning sensor. Both systems connect to Hexagon’s cloud-based visualization platform, HxDR, with real time data upload from the field. More from the release.

MODS Reality 2.0, a ‘next-generation’ tool for managing asset visualization data offers ‘immersive 360-degree site visits from anywhere in the world’. Reality is an is an add-on to the MODS Connect suite of apps. The solution provides ‘improved safety and sustainability through increased awareness, fewer site visits better analysis and mitigation of avoidable risks’.


The latest release of Quorum’s myQuorum Pipeline Management software meets the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) 3.2 standards recently approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC Order No. 587-Z includes updates to existing cybersecurity-related standards developed in response to the Department of Energy-sponsored cybersecurity surety assessment. The new release also updates the nominations-related standards and the Quadrant electronic delivery mechanism.


The Avalara Tax Connector 1.0, jointly developed by Implico and Avalara, is now certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. ATC connects AvaTax Excise with the SAP ERP system to support excise tax calculation for North American downstream users. More from Implico.

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