Corrections, corrections ...

TietoEvry puts the record straight on our reporting of the Quorum/Aucerna deal. BP’s Karen Scarborough corrects a quote we attributed to her and provides chapter and verse our "blockchain isn't working" report.

Duncan Irving points out that our recent item covering Quorum/Aucerna ‘picking up TietoEvry’s oil and gas business’ (Done Deals 2021/3) missed the fact that it was just the oil and gas software division that was sold (Energy Components/EC and da Winci). Irving reports that the consulting business is still alive, and that TietoEvry has grown its consulting work with the main Norwegian operators over the last 18 months.

BP’s Karen Scarborough asks us to correct a quote that we attributed to her in our article ‘Blockchain consortium model isn’t working’ (2021/4). We said, ‘Only one new member has joined the consortium since it kicked-off’. What Scarborough actually said was ‘On average, in private blockchain consortiums, less than one new member has joined’. She also kindly provided the source for this statement, an article in Coindesk titled ‘Enterprise blockchain is at a private public crossroads’. Our apologies for the misrepresentation.

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