Norway’s Virtual Inventory equipment exchange.

TietoEvry provides Virtual Inventory of available oil country equipment assets for Norwegian operators.

Norwegian IT service provider TietoEVRY has developed an inventory management and exchange solution for Norway’s oil and gas operators’ association NorskOlje&Gass a.k.a. NOROG. TietoEvry’s Virtual Inventory solution now sits alongside NOROG’s EqHub technical equipment information library. Virtual Inventory provides Norwegian operators with a shared catalogue of equipment inventory available from the digital warehouses of Norway’s oil and gas supply chain.

Operators can search for and trade equipment items, rather like Norway’s geoscientists search and retrieve seismic and well data via Diskos. EqHub continues to evolve as a repository for equipment information with standardized stock keeping units as used in companies’ ERP systems. Equipment vendors can register documents and data on valves and other items, and the Hub acts as an information register of approved items. Ownership, location and availability of equipment is held in the Virtual Inventory.

An ‘emergency button’ in the Virtual Inventory, a.k.a. a critical material request, helps operators to locate parts that are out of stock at the supplier. In the first six months of operating this was used 60 times, ‘saving an estimated 1.4 billion NOK in downtime’.

NOROG is a regrouping of three Norwegian operators association, GeoTrade, EPIM and legacy NOG. The Virtual Inventory and EqHub have been commissioned and are managed by NOROG’s digital division Collabor8.

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