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APT Allomon, Beicip-Franlab OpenFlow Suite 2021, Exprodat Unconventionals Analyst 2.1, Kappa -Server 5.40, Petrosys PRO 2021.1.1, ResInsight 2021.06.0, Schlumberger/Equinor GeoSphere workflow, Aspen Industrial AI Workbench, B&K Vibro VCM-3/Setpoint CMS, Emerson’s Digital Maturity Model Quick Index/Zedi autonomous rod pump solution, Gexcon FLACS-CFD 21, Honeywell Operator Advisor, Opto22 porting Raspberry Pi to Groov EPIC/RIO, Onboard Dynamics GoVAC Flex, Radix Engineering M&A due diligence, Reveal Energy Services Orchid 2021.2, Seeq R52.


Applied Petroleum Technology has launched APT Allomon, a methodology that analyzes produced fluid composition in shale oil wells to identify drainage patterns and maximize production.

Beicip-Franlab has released OpenFlow Suite 2021 with a new basin modeling simulator, resulting from years of R&D at IFPen, and modules for biogenic gas and geothermal studies.

Exprodat has rolled out Unconventionals Analyst 2.1 for ArcGIS Pro. The new release includes an ‘analyze well relationships’ functionality to identify well parent-child relationships, said to be key to predicting interference. A new ‘calculate lateral spacing’ tool computes well spacing statistics across an area of interest to assess the efficacity of a well pattern, drilled or planned.

Kappa Engineering has rolled out Kappa Server 5.40. Watch the video.

Petrosys PRO 2021.1.1 includes a new ArcGIS Pro connectivity enabling the direct display of subsurface data directly from E&P software.

The 2021.06.0 release of Ceetron Solutions’ ResInsight is now ready for download from Github. Read the release notes here.

Schlumberger and Equinor have jointly developed a cloud-enabled 3D workflow using data from the GeoSphere HD reservoir mapping-while-drilling service. The solution is used to optimize well placement in real time.


Aspen Technology has rolled-out the Aspen Industrial AI Workbench, a module in the V12.1 release of the Aspen AIoT Hub. The integrated AI environment allows data scientists to accelerate the transformation of data into productized AI/ML algorithms, ‘working hand-in-hand with subject matter experts’.

Brel & Kjr Vibro has released a new version of its Vibro Conditioning Monitoring (VCM-3) system and SETPOINT CMS software, providing ‘out of the box’ early diagnostics for a range of rotating assets.

Emerson’s Professional Service Team is offering a Digital Maturity Model Quick Index service to help clients compare operations with their peers and determine where improvements will yield the largest ROI and ‘discover what digital transformation projects will tie to your business KPIs’.

Following its recent acquisition of Zedi’s software and automation businesses, Emerson has developed an autonomous rod pump management solution with a machine learning capability. More from Emerson/Zedi.

Gexcon has announced FLACS-CFD 21, the latest version of its fire and explosion modeling software. Simulations can be run in the cloud from the workstation GUI with result files downloaded to a local system. The Flacs GUI is now also available in Chinese.

Honeywell has added the ‘Operator Advisor’ to its Experion HALO (highly augmented lookahead operations) suite. OA uses ML-powered analytics to provide oil and gas, chemical, refining and petrochemical organizations with a ‘consolidated scorecard’ of automation use, along with recommended steps to address performance-related gaps.

Ben Orchard, blogging on the Opto22 website explains how to port your DIY automation skunkworks from the Raspberry Pi to run on its industrial strength Groov EPIC/RIO hardware controllers. Opto22 also provides resources for developers using Python, ‘the most popular language used on Groov hardware’.

Onboard Dynamics has launched the GoVAC Flex, a system that transfers recovered methane to either an adjacent pipeline or tube trailer. The ‘simple, mobile, fully integrated solution’ provides operators of natural gas pipelines with a tool to minimize greenhouse gas emissions during routine maintenance.

Radix Engineering and Software is offering a technology due diligence service to companies interested in mergers and acquisitions. The service consists of analyzing aspects such as architecture, infrastructure, availability, scalability and performance, costs with technology, quality, information security and documentation, assigning risk factors. More from Radix.

Reveal Energy Services’ 2021.2 release of its Orchid completions evaluation platform now enables operators to integrate DAS data with offset pressure, microseismic, tracers, logs, and geologic information for a ‘360 interpretation’ of the physics driving well, pad, and unit development performance.

Seeq has released R52 of its eponymous machine learning software with new capabilities including add-on tools, display panels and user-defined functions. End users can now schedule Seeq Data Lab notebooks to run in the background, ‘fulfilling a top customer request’. Seeq has also spotted an opportunity as OSIsoft’s ProcessBook is being discontinued after 25 years. Customers are looking for a replacement and Seeq is stepping in with its eponymous complement to OSIsoft PI Vision.

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