The Open Footprint Forum Global Event

The Open Group’s venture into emissions transparency hears from the Open Footprint Data Platform (OFP), that is to leverage the same cloud-based technology as OSDU. Other presentations in the sustainability/ESG space came from the WBCSD’s Carbon Transparency Partnership, IBM/Shell’s Oren GHG reporting system and AWS’ Climate Pledge Fund. Deloitte’s pre COP 26 call to action!

The Open Group Open Footprint Forum’s first virtual event heard from organizations including Accenture, AWS, Deloitte, ERM, IBM, Infosys and Shell. The OFF started life as a technology spin-out from Shell’s Open Subsurface Data Universe and will leverage a similar open source, cloud hosted approach to deployment. The underlying Open Footprint Data Platform (OFP) was presented by The Open Group’s Heidi Karlsson, and Johan Krebbers, formerly with Shell, now chez Cognite.

When the OFP luminaries were through presenting their wares, others came on the stage to show their own work in the same space and the potential for collaboration with OFP. Anna Stanley from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), presented the Carbon Transparency Partnership. Sonia van Ballaert (IBM) presented OREN, a new platform from IBM and Shell for greenhouse gas reporting in the mining industry that will ‘underpin transparent GHG reporting’. In answer to a question from Oil IT Journal OFP was said to be ‘a key building block of the Oren platform’.

Liz Dennett (formerly with Amazon Web Services, now chez WoodMac) described sustainability as ‘really just a data problem at its core’ adding that the path to success was to ‘get sustainability and IT in the same conversation’. Last year AWS announced the Climate Pledge Fund a corporate venture capital fund that invests in companies that can accelerate Amazon’s path to meeting The Climate Pledge. AWS provides publicly-available data on its sustainability initiative. IoT Greengrass and SageMaker AI/ML services got a shout-out as technology enablers.

Deloitte’s Jacques Buith issued a call to action for OFP to survey industry CIOs on their emissions stance, prepare an Open Footprint report to be launched at the upcoming COP 26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.

View the recordings of the presentations on the TOG YouTube channel and download the slides here.

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