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CGG PleXus update. IHS Markit’s Analytics Explorer 6.0, Kingdom 2021. Ikon Science’s Curate, RokDoc & iPoint updates. Liberty’s FracSense. LR updates IP & IC. Emerson Paradigm 19p3. Thermo Scientific PerGeos 3D. Stone Ridge Echelon 2.0. Ubiterra ZoneVu 6.0. Schlumberger’s AI Innovation Factori. ABB’s Hoverguard. GreaseBook integrates with PHDWin. Indeavor: fatigue management for oil and gas. Samcom’s ultra-compact ATEX camera. AspenONE 12.1. Bilfinger BCAP. EoT AI edge controller. T.D. Williamson’s GvML classifier. CX Retail from Dover Fueling. PDI Software invests. BP Price Match.


CGG’s Smart Data Solutions Business has released an enhanced version of PleXus, its cloud-based data management portal. An enhanced GUI improves search and visualization of corporate data assets, easy data up/download, GIS mapping and a ‘frequently used’ area for current projects. PleXus security features include authentication, time-based revision and non-use expiration, brute force attack lock-out, encrypted password storage along with entitlements management.

Version 6.0 of IHS Markit’s Analytics Explorer sports a new direct link to EDIN, International E&P upstream and midstream data by IHS Markit. Machine learning workflows are expanded and a new ‘multicollinearity analysis’ tool automates the selection of uncorrelated and relevant variables before any regression, clustering, or classification workflow. An advanced gridding tool creates predictive maps within Explorer, without the need of a GIS.

IHS Markit has also announced Kingdom 2021 with a new modern GUI, personalized quick access toolbar and multiple improvements to its geoscience modules including deep learning-based automated fault interpretation, 3D seismic volume blending, and combined geological and geophysical workflows. Kingdom Direct now connects to international/EDIN upstream and midstream data.

Ikon Science’s new Curate software is a ‘scalable, cloud-enabled knowledge management solution designed to provide cost efficiencies along with faster and more accurate decision making’. Curate enables energy companies to collaborate within a single workspace to access all subsurface data with streamlined workflows. Curate integrates with legacy databases and open industry standards such as the OSDU data platform. More from Ikon and in our interview with Denis Saussus in this issue.

Ikon has also announced RokDoc and iPoint version 2021.3 with improvements in performance and user experience. An updated version of Python for use with the RokDoc External Interface, and an ‘MTM simulator’ for RokDoc Ji-Fi.

Liberty Oilfield Services has introduced the FracSense diagnostic service that leverages Optasense’s fiber optic technology to monitor and optimize hydraulic fracture completions and well spacing. Real time fiber optic measurements monitor per-stage fracture placement and frac hits in offset wells.

Lloyd’s Register has added new modules and updates to its subsurface software packages IC (Interactive Correlations) and IP (Interactive Petrophysics). The updates include ‘refreshed interfaces’ for IP and more detailed correlations of the subsurface characteristics between wells for IC. The increased insights proffered by the tools are ‘earmarked for other uses such as carbon capture, storage, geothermal and waste disposal’.

Emerson has released Paradigm 19p3 which includes seismic technology developed under the Kaleidoscope alliance with Repsol. 3D refraction tomography for shallow velocity model building is also new as are various improvements including GPU/CPU performance of EarthStudy 360 Imager, ‘Marker-Map’ velocity model building and new velocity and time/depth conversion tools in SKUA-GOCAD. Paradigm 19 releases are available as both cloud-hosted and on-premise.

Users of Thermo Scientific’s PerGeos software can now generate 3D data from 2D images and synthetic parameters. The solution uses thin section images and petrographic data and ‘process-based modeling’ to generates 3D images and simulate the natural processes of sedimentary rock formation, allowing petrophysical properties and multiphase flow results to be computed from the 3D synthetic ‘cores’. Watch the webcast.

Stone Ridge Technology’s Echelon 2.0 reservoir simulator, jointly developed with Eni, offers a full GPU solution of compositional formulation, both fully implicit and adaptive implicit options. Echelon now also supports facility network modeling, multi-reservoir coupling and advanced well management. More from Stone Ridge.

V 6.0 of ZoneVu Ubiterra’s Azure cloud-native browser app for drilling visualization and geosteering, now includes a completions module and live notifications.

Schlumberger is offering its domain and AI expertise via a new Innovation Factori where a global network of digital experts and data scientists are ready to address digital workflow challenges with innovative new solutions. The Factori promises ‘open AI, data, and digital solutions for all domains’ deployed ‘on-premise, at the edge or in the cloud’ and embracing open systems, such as the OSDU data platform.


ABB’s Hoverguard detects and maps natural gas leaks while flying ‘with unprecedented speed, accuracy and reliability’. Hoverguard combines patented LGR-ICOS laser technology, wind velocity and GNNS sensors and advanced data analytics, detecting leaks far from hard-to-reach sources in minutes.

In its quarterly software roundup, GreaseBook reports that its eponymous app is now integrated with PHDWin for economics and decline curve analysis. A new well history file repository offers remote access to key production asset documentation. GreaseBook now automates Texas Railroad Commission production report filing. More on these and other novelties from GreaseBook.

Originally developed for the nuclear industry, Indeavor’s worker fatigue management solution has been adapted to the oil and gas environment and aligned with the latest API guidelines (API RP 755). Plants and refineries can now operate efficiently while automatically adhering to the American Petroleum Institute’s rules on limiting hours and days of work. More from Indeavor.

Samcom’s ExCam ultra-compact (127x48mm) cameras are certified for operating in explosion risk and hazardous areas (2014/34/EU ATEX). CCTV applications range from simple monitoring applications to fully controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission. More on Samcom’s ‘triple launch’.

Plant and process

The 12.1 release of AspenTech’s AspenONE embeds first principles-driven hybrid plant models within Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus, ‘bringing AI directly into our simulators’. Existing first-principles models are enhanced with added AI to calculate unknown variables and relationships not captured by the original model, continuously recalibrating the model as conditions change.

Bilfinger has relaunched its connected asset performance platform, BCAP, a cloud-based AI/IoT solution for the process industry. BCAP offers data conversion and management, cross-silo process optimization and plant-wide predictive analytics.

Embassy of Things has rolled out an AI Edge Controller to perform real-time predictions and anomaly detection, providing ‘closed-loop, event-response operational action’ to maximize production. The solution includes EOT’s Twin Talk’s Insight Engine and was developed in collaboration with Xecta, TensorIoT and CTG. The product is also a component of the AWS production operations solution. More from EOT.


T.D. Williamson has improved its gouge vs metal loss (GvML) classifier resulting in the ‘industry’s first published performance specification for gouge identification and depth sizing within a dent’. The classifier is a component of TDW’s MDS (multiple datasets) platform that provides comprehensive mechanical damage assessment, leveraging multiple technologies. The new classifier identifies gouges in natural gas and hazardous liquids pipelines, providing depth sizing of gouge and corrosion features using field-validated tolerances.


Dover Fueling Solutions has launched DX Retail, part of its DFS DX connected solutions platform. DX Retail is a flexible and intuitive system, which allows retailers to manage and update their Tokheim Fuel point-of-sale (POS) systems remotely. DX Retail leverages Microsoft Azure and ‘intelligent edge’ technology to drive multiple point-of-sale updates simultaneously from any web-enabled device. Stores are kept updated with the latest retail items and pricing across the network.

As part of a $100 million, five-year investment program, PDI Software has enhanced its security platform and improved fuel pricing data integration. The delivery platform API integrates with delivery partners like Vroom, allowing automatic updates from the PDI Pricebook.

BP has announced Price Match to inform BPme Rewards members where to buy gas at the best price by comparing BP and Amoco prices to competitor stations within easy reach. If a lower price is found, the saving (max 5 cents) will be applied to the member’s next purchase. PriceMatch costs 99 cents/month. Average monthly fuel use in the US is around 50 gallons. Assiduous PriceMatch futzing could be worth up to $1/month!

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