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Cognite is to integrate the Cognite Data Fusion platform with The Open Group’s OSDU data platform and align with the OSDU technical standard ‘when it is published’. More from Cognite.

The 12.1 release of Emerson’s Roxar RMS allows for the use of an external orchestrator to control ‘big loop’ workflows. The Python API adds access to RMS project data and jobs. An updated RESQML data transfer tool supports app-independent file transfer and data exchange with an Energistics ETP server such as Emerson Epos. Emerson Tempest 2021.1 has also been released with improved Python support for external packages running in a virtual environment. A new Tempest Analytics license option supports import of third-party optimization and history matching projects. More from Emerson/Paradigm.

The 21.1 release of Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator includes updates and improvements to the simulator kernel, assisted history match and uncertainty module, geology and model designer, PVT designer and the well and network designer.

Ikon Science has released RokDoc and iPoint V2021.2. The RokDoc structurally-oriented filtering function has been improved with the use of multi-processes, decreased project opening times and a better-performing full waveform synthetic function. Arithmetic operations can now be applied to pre-stack seismic data and the 3D Bayesian classifier now integrates per-zone prior probabilities. iPoint/RokDoc compatibility has been enhanced through front-end schema information visibility. iPpointWeb’s Google Query Language support has been improved.

PHDwin V3 Build 3.1.7 (registration required) has been released with a new nested graphs feature. This feature allows users to run economics reports with selected graphs automatically collated by case. The release also improves CSV reporting.

Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) workflows established by Quorum acquisitions Aucerna and EnergyIQ will continue to be supported by Quorum. Quorum has worked with Amazon to create a staging platform where OSDU members can test implementations against a pre-populated, OSDU-compliant sample North Sea data set. More from the EnergyIQ datasheet.


Kongsberg Maritime, COSL Drilling Europe and drilling equipment provider NOV have cooperated on an ‘Energy Control’ project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel and maintenance overheads on the company’s rigs. The solution combines Kongsberg’s energy management systems with NOV’s research into energy optimization, based on an analysis of historical data on power consumption across COSL’s semi-submersible fleet.

Pegasus Vertex Inc.’s CemPro+ V5.4.0 offers an improved model of in-pipe displacement efficiency that caters for different flow regimes including flow segregation, and instabilities. The improved version also updates the foam model to account for changes during shut-in, or on closing the annulus.


Amazon has announced the general availability of the AWS Production Monitoring & Surveillance solution, developed in collaboration with BP and Embassy of Things. PM&S combines edge software with a cloud-based data historian. The solution is said to ‘liberate’ data from legacy decentralized and local historian instances. The cloud native historian offers flexibility in the choice of visualization and analytical workloads compared to ‘incumbent single vendor lock-in’. The solution is supported by deployment partners, Accenture, Infosys, TEKsystems, Umbrage, TensorIoT, Wipro Limited and AWS Professional Services. More from Amazon.

Seeq has rolled out Seeq Enterprise and Team editions running on either AWS or Microsoft Azure. The execution engine Seeq Cortex (previously Seeq Server) provides multi-source and datatype connectivity, security, scalability and more. The Enterprise edition includes Jupyter Notebook interfaces to a library of open source modules and algorithms, and audit trail support for users in regulated industries. Seeq integrates with business intelligence and process applications such as Tableau, PowerBI, Spotfire and OSIsoft PI Vision. A REST API and software development kits for Java, C# and Python are available under license. More from Seeq.

ABB’s Flow-X gas and liquid flow computer has obtained C1D2/Zone 2 Certification for accurate measurement in mid and downstream oil and gas. The unit meets Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 certification, with an operating temperature range from -40C to +75C. A 0.008% accuracy is claimed for the programmable unit’s analog inputs.

CEA Systems has released 11.2 of its Plant4D. The Component Builder and CAD content creation functions have been redeveloped, improving stability and performance. A more consistent look and feel improves usability. The release adds support for AutoCAD 2021.

Emerson has launched Rosemount TankMaster Mobile, a cross-platform inventory management application for tank gauging systems. Also new is the integration of corrosion and erosion monitoring with new the Rosemount 4390 series of corrosion and erosion wireless transmitters connected to the Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrosion application.

Emerson has launched a Rapid Adaptive Measurement solution for process automation leveraging the Roxar 2600 Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) for the oil and gas industry.

Lloyd’s Register has added a new module to its AllAssets performance and risk management platform. The new ‘events management’ module simplifies the resolution of non-conformance reports from offshore, LNG, chemical and other industrial applications.

Phase One has announced the ‘P3 Payload’ for fast, efficient, and safe inspection of critical infrastructure. The combo consists of a M300 drone equipped with a Phase One iXM (100 or 50 megapixel) camera, one of the RSM lens options, and a new gimbal mount with integrated rangefinder. More on the P3 Payload turnkey solution from Phase One.

New MobileTrack technology from Total Valve Systems displays a valve’s service history by scanning a QR code tag. A Total Valve Live product adds real-time monitoring and reliability reports on every valve Total Valve sale or service.

FDT Group has announced Mobile FieldMate for field device management. A PC/Tablet-based configuration tool that performs tasks including initial setup, daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and configuration backup for device replacement. FieldMate incorporates the open FDT technology standard and is compliant with FDT/DTMs that use either the FDT 1.2 or 2.0 standards.


Emergency pipeline repair specialist IRM Systems (IRMS) has announced the Pipeline Integrity & Budget Optimization Tool (PIBOT), a new software tool to optimize pipeline integrity engineering and management. PIBOT provides data management, integration, and smart data analytics. North Sea operator Petrogas uses the tool in its risk-based inspection program. The system provides a risk matrix across an asset portfolio along with an Esri ArcGIS map of data and activity. PIBOT’s report generation feature has been used to report to Staatstoezicht op De Mijnen, the Netherlands regulator.

Maloney Technical Products, in conjunction with Control Devices, has rolled-out (!) the patent-pending Maloney Smart Sphere, a real-time trackable pigging system. MSS is used to locate damaged pipe, to map old pipelines and to measure flow velocity. More from Maloney.


Dover Fueling Solutions has announced the DFS DX connected platform for the global fueling and retail industry. The cloud-based DFS DX addresses wetstock (fuel) management, remote asset monitoring, targeted advertising and media at the dispenser, fleet fueling site management and point of sale management. DFS DX runs in the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud. More from Dover.

A new app, the ‘Door Dash of diesel’ available from Fuel Me and from the Android and IOS app stores allows customers in the commercial transportation and construction industries to purchase fuel and receive emergency roadside assistance services with the click of a button. Fuel Me simplifies fuel procurement by allowing users to manage purchases on a single platform, optimizing operations and administration.


OneStopSystems4U Pro is a high-performance AI Datacenter module as deployed in the GAS-R ruggedized ‘Datacenter in the Sky’ for ‘AI at the edge’. The appliance supports up to 8 NVIDIA A100 PCIe cards with four PCIe Gen 4 x16 HBA/NIC slots for up to 256GB/s of sustained data throughput. Alternatively, the 4U Pro can be configured to provide 16 single-width PCIe Gen 4 x8 slots for FPGA data ingestion, or the latest storage add-in cards.

NEC’s SX Aurora TSUBASA, the latest in the SX Vector computer series, targets high performing computing usage such as seismic imaging. The system comes with a Linux operating system and high-performance Fortran, C and C++ compilers that ‘remove the need for special programming languages like CUDA’. The machine includes an automatic vectorization compiler and InfiniBand MPI interconnect. Aurora’s technology powers Japan’s 17 petaflop Jamstec Earth Simulator.

DNV’s new additive manufacturing (3D printing) ‘service specification’, DNVGL-SE-0568 will be the foundation of DNV certification of facilities, manufacturers, processes and 3D printed parts. The new standard extends DNVGL-ST-B203, a standard for 3D printing in the oil and gas, energy and heavy industry sectors.


Xergy has launched Proteus, a digital platform for remote project team collaboration in the oil and gas gig economy. The solution combines a ‘world class’ cloud-based ERP system with on-demand access to rated talent and ‘pay as you go’ access to major engineering software. A marketplace of rated, skilled professionals helps companies find the right people for projects as and when they are needed. Companies post projects, locate freelancers and pay invoices through a single interface and wallet system.

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