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dGB invites partners to test machine learning with OpendTect/OSDU combo. U-Houston AIM-DEEP consortium to spread the AI/ML word across the upstream.

dBG Earth Sciences has launched a consortium to investigate machine learning, combining its open source seismic interpretation suite OpendTect with data stored in an OSDU database. The aim is to demonstrate in a series of proprietary case studies ‘what the future of E&P data management looks like and how machine learning models can add value to a standardized, cleaned-up datastore containing well and seismic data’. More from dGB Earth Sciences.

The University of Houston, under the leadership of former SEG president Fred Aminzadeh, has launched the AIM-DEEP program. AIM-DEEP is developing a platform to promote AI/ML in E&P, bringing operators, service companies, data scientists and academia together. AIM-DEEP is billed as not ‘yet another’ university consortium. R&D topics will be prioritized by ‘base’ member/sponsors who will receive all deliverables. Individually sponsored project (ISP) membership is also available for targeted R&D into a chosen focus area. AIM-DEEP vendor partners are Petrolern, Sotaog, NEC, Enfinitech and … dBG Earth Sciences.More from AIM-DEEP.

* Artificial Intelligence, (AI) Machine Learning and Data Analytics (DA).

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