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U Houston’s AI Lab and upstream data analytics badges. Norwell Edge for well integrity training. Esri’s MOOC for mapmakers. GSE trains Canadian major. Landmark’s SmartDigital co-innovation service. Honeywell’s Immersive Field Simulator. SEG EVOLVE 2021 with Delfi inside. CMU-SEI free online software training. Trendsetter Engineering’s blowout prevention training. Opito retrains oil and gas workers in offshore wind.

The University of Houston has opened an Artificial Intelligence Industry Incubator and Digital Oilfield Lab to allow students, faculty and industry professionals to create ‘technologies and solutions of the future’. The lab is a project of the UH College of Technology and the AI Innovation Consortium (AIIC). Projects will focus on safety and efficiency using machine learning and other forms of AI ‘to reduce the human footprint in the field’. More from U. Houston. The University has also announced a new Upstream Energy Data Analytics Program, a structured series of micro-credentials or ‘badges’ to provide data sciences skills and solve current and emerging challenges using ‘advanced data-based decision making’. Each badge is a 15-hour module, delivered over a 3-week period, and the badges are ‘stackable’. The first three badges, which together form the ‘bronze belt in upstream energy data analytics’, are available online from UH Energy.

Spirit Energy, Neptune Energy, and Norwell EDGE are to collaborate on a digital well integrity training program based around Oil and Gas UK’s well lifecycle guidelines and Norwell EDGE’s e-learning. The course is similar in concept to the UK Opito Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) qualification. The organizers hope that more operators will join the initiative over the next 12 months. More from Norwell EDGE.

Esri is offering online MOOC*-based training for mapmakers. ‘Once, only cartographers made maps. Today, anyone can’. The course will ‘go beyond the defaults’ to enable ArcGIS Pro users to produce ‘engaging maps that communicate with impact’.

* Massive Open Online Course.

GSE Systems is to provide its EnVision training software to an unnamed major Canadian energy company. EnVision combines computer-based tutorials with high-fidelity simulation models The deal involves the conversion of an earlier ‘perpetual’ license to a hosted, subscription-based solution.

Landmark’s SmartDigital co-innovation service is offering training in the use of AI and ML. This includes a ‘comprehensive workflow’ for data-driven fluid prediction.

Honeywell has announced an industrial training solution that combines 3D immersive technology with an operator training simulator. The Immersive Field Simulator is a virtual/mixed reality-based digital twin of an asset that provides targeted, on-demand, skill-based training for workers. Download the free app from the Microsoft app store.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)’s EVOLVE 2021 training program will leverage data and petrotechnical solutions from Schlumberger’s Delfi. These include the GAIA (data discovery) and the Delfi Petrotechnical Suite. EVOLVE, now in its fourth year, is a five-month virtual internship during where geoscience and engineering students work on real-world data sets to identify the best investment opportunities in their assigned geographic areas. More from SEG EVOLVE.

The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute has put all of the training material from its Software Product Lines online under a creative commons attribution 4.0 international license (i.e. for free). Check out the SEI course presentations and videos.

Trendsetter Engineering has released a source control (i.e. blowout) e-learning course. The program builds on Trendsetter’s expertise in emergency well response. One key client has already enrolled its well response team in the program which includes an introductory module, followed by capping, containment, and relief well management. More from TrendSetter.

Those who believe that the writing is on the wall for oil and gas may be interested in Opito’s new ‘transition standard’, a training program for oil country workers to develop the skills and competencies required in the offshore wind sector. The new program recognizes prior training undertaken in the oil and gas industry. More from Opito.

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