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New releases and announcements from Beicip-Franlab, Blue Marble Geographics, Bluware, dGB, Emerson/Paradigm, IHS Markit, Katalyst Data Management, Petrosys, Rock Flow Dynamics, Enverus, Assai, Brüel & Kjær Vibro, Esri, Flowserve, Stratus, RigER, Validere Technologies, GLJ, Solid Project.


Beicip-Franlab has released OpenFlow Suite 2020/ R 2020.1, with bug fixes for OpenFlow, DionisosFlow and TemisFlow, now all available in the cloud.

The 2020 SP1 release of Blue Marble GeographicsGeographic Calculator includes the ISO 19111:2019 EPSG/IOGP upgrade to the IOGP/EPSG data model and an online point-to-point geodetic calculator.

Bluware has rolled-out OpenVDS+, adding wavelet-based data compression to its OpenVDS seismic data format for the cloud.

dGB is offering a combo of seismic machine learning and pre and post-processing plugins at a discount. The new package, which includes the ML plugin and OpendTect Pro, Dip-Steering and Faults & Fractures, is available for purchase or rental from dGB’s Prostore.

Geolog 20 from Emerson/Paradigm comes with usability enhancements, improved nuclear magnetic resonance log visualization and a redesigned core analysis workflow. The petrophysical toolkit has been expanded to cover unconventional assets and the specific requirements of the Russian/CIS market. Geolog now also supports data import/export in OSDU formats.

Emerson/Paradigm has also released ‘SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity’ (SRO), an automated, cloud-native analytics solution developed in collaboration with Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI). SpeedWise applies algorithms and data mining to multidisciplinary data to increase production, reserves and capital efficiency. Workflow automation cuts workloads from months to weeks, resulting in shorter decision-making cycles and better risk management. SRO features automated geo-engineering workflows for identifying and ranking recompletion, vertical sweet spots, and horizontal wells.

The 2020 edition of IHS Markit’s Petrel Gateway enables Kingdom geoscience interpreters to leverage Schlumberger’s Petrel for geomodeling. 2D/3D seismics, horizons, faults and more data types can be shared between the two platforms. More from the release notes.

Katalyst Data Management has added a subsurface data search engine, powered by Elasticsearch, to the latest release of its iGlass data management solution. iGlass Portal ES supports freestyle text searches across seismic and well data.

Another Elasticsearch deployment comes from Petrosys which has added the open source technology to its E&P data crawler. Petrosys Intelligent Search was showcased in a presentation, ‘Can Elasticsearch help us access large Oil & Gas datasets more efficiently?*’ to the recent virtual conference of the Society of Petroleum Data Management

Petrosys has also announced Petrosys PRO 2020.2, with a new well perforation display from Petrel function, raster tracking of contours, faults, and other liner features from scanned images. Also new is Interica OneView archiving integration, a link between OneView and Petrosys PRO for direct archival of PRO projects.

Rock Flow Dynamics has released tNavigator 20.4 with updates and improvements to the simulator kernel, AHM and Uncertainty module, Geology and Model Designer, PVT Designer, Well and Network Designer.


Enverus has released ESG Analytics, a new evaluation standard for environmental, social and governance benchmarking across the energy industry. ESG Analytics tracks emissions intensity, flaring rates, land and water use via satellite, production and economic data. The "S" and "G" elements track pay disparity and diversity, allowing operators to benchmark themselves against peers and provide investors with verifiable data. More from Enverus.

Plant & process

Engineering document specialist Assai reports that 60% of its clients now use the AssaiCloud, the SaaS version of AssaiDCMS. The cloud edition offers managed software upgrades, patches and back-ups along with management of third-party software, including Oracle and Brava. Watch the AssaiCloud/REST API webinar.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro has announced Vibrostore 100, a palm-sized device that provides vibration level and bearing wear monitoring at the push of a button. The device houses ISO 10816 machine data and alarm limits. A traffic-light display indicates vibration severity at different frequencies that indicate common machine faults, such as imbalance, misalignment or looseness.

Esri has released ArcGIS Velocity (previously ArcGIS Analytics for IoT), with new cloud-native capability for ingestion, processing, visualization, and analysis of real-time and high-volume geospatial data on the fly. AGV spatially enables Internet of Things data and simplifies real-time analysis.

Flowserve has released the RedRaven internet of things services platform. RedRaven lets operators monitor assets remotely, anticipate equipment failures and take preventive measures. RedRaven supports any flow control equipment regardless of manufacturer. RedRaven sensors and gateways are available with wireless or wired options. Data is collected from assets, encrypted and transmitted to the cloud. Technicians at Flowserve’s dedicated remote facility monitor client operations and inform clients of issues and suggested fixes.

A new white paper from Stratus vaunts the merits of its ‘zero-touch’ edge computing platforms for midstream operators. Modern, distributed computing architectures bring asset performance, monitoring and control and logistics visibility outside the fence.


RigER 8.0 Odessa, an oil country equipment tracking, billing and rental reporting package now includes improved data management and information security along with mobile ERP and CRM. A built-in email client tracks communications and eliminates cut and paste, double data entry or lost emails. A barcode reader adds inventory control. ISO27001 information security comes with all Odessa packages.

Validere Technologies has launched Edge Connect to provide oil and gas buyers and sellers with ‘greater optionality, discoverability and increased profit opportunities’. Edge Connect uses predictive machine learning and a ‘vast’ data set to provide critical intelligence and ‘guide win-win connections that benefit all participants’.


Calgary-based GLJ has announced IntelliCasts a subscription service that offers rapid oil and gas asset valuations. IntelliCast combines machine learning, decline analytics and five decades of play knowledge to provide insights for producers, debt and equity stakeholders and mid-streamers.

Speaking at the January 2021 Solid World conference, world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee presented the Solid Project, a suite of open specifications, built on existing open standards, that describes how to build applications so that users can ‘conveniently switch between data storage providers and application providers and take the data generated along’. The objective is for ‘all applications to be truly interoperable with multiple backend software’.

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