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PIDX converts to JSON, collaborates with Open Footprint Forum. Energistics adds catalogue of compliant products. Energistics University opens its doors. Industrial Internet Consortium’s RFP Toolkit. Modelica Association’s functional mockup checker. OPC UA Cloud Library. OSGeo liaises with ISO/TC 211. PWC converts sustainability standards to XBRL. SEC publishes ESG disclosure recommendations. XBRL publishes Open Information Model.

PIDX has launched a project to convert its existing XML-based e-commerce messaging to a new JSON-based architecture and RESTful APIs. More from PIDX. The PIDX Emissions Transparency Data Exchange (ETDX) project team is to collaborate with The Open Group’s Open Footprint initiative for emissions data collection, storage and exchange. The ETDX project already has a data model and schema design concept for emissions data capture. The project team is currently exploring the viability of leveraging Open Footprint’s API for transmitting emission data.

Energistics has added a catalogue of commercial software products that leverage one or more of its standards, a resource for companies looking for standards-based solutions. The Product Catalog includes search capabilities and filters to locate products. Energistics is also working on the Energistics University, and online training environment for users of the upstream standards.

The Industrial Internet Consortium has rolled out an IIC RFP Toolkit, a collection of best practices and online tools to help IIoT users with procurement of components and resources needed for a ‘complete end-to-end IIoT solution’.

The Modelica Association has released a prototype of a new online functional mockup checker that performs a static analysis of an FMU to check the validity of the model against the FMU XML schema. The validator also checks for non-unique or invalid variable names, completeness and integrity of the model structure and more. FMU Check is based on FMPy, a Python library and GUI from Dassault Systèmes.

OPC, in collaboration with CESMII, has launched the ‘OPC UA Cloud Library’ joint working group to specify how OPC UA information models of machines, SCADA and manufacturing execution systems will be stored in and accessed from a cloud-based database. Equinor is involved. More from the OPC.

OSGeo has established a ‘Category A’ liaison with ISO/TC 211 which will allow OSGeo to contribute to ISO/TC 211 and gain early access to emerging ISO/TC 211 standards. The liaison is said to ‘strengthen the voice of open source geospatial’. More from OSGeo.

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s is working with PwC to convert all of its 77 sustainability standards into an XBRL taxonomy, to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of sustainability information. More from the SASB.

The SEC has just published its recommendations on environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure.

The XBRL organization has now published its ‘long-awaited’ Open Information Model (OIM), to simplify and modernize aspects of the XBRL Standard. The OIM removes XBRL’s dependency on the XML syntax with the possibility of leveraging the protocol in formats such as JSON or CSV. More from XBRL. XBRL also gave a shout-out to EasyX’ XBRL Wizard for EU-compliant financial reporting. Financial reports and graphics are authored in the Xpdf format. Once complete, the Wizard ESMA adds mandatory XBRL tags.

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