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A ‘retail round-up’ of solutions from Professional Data Solutions (sales to Chevron, EG Group), IBM Services (Indian Oil ePIC platform), PetroSoft and Bulloch Technologies.

Chevron has extended its 16-year partnership with Professional Data Solutions for the provision of back office and head office solutions for deployment across the Asia Pacific region. PDI provides ERP, fuel pricing, supply chain logistics and cloud-based marketing solutions for convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers. The deal includes the next generation of PDI Envoy back office and head office software solutions. PDI technology underpins CaltexGo, Chevron’s customer-facing mobile app to reduce wait times at the fuel pump and in the store. PDI owns and operates the Fuel Rewards loyalty program.

EG Group has likewise chosen PDI as its Provider for ERP, marketing cloud, fuel pricing and logistics. EGG is a UK-based gasoline and convenience retailer with thousands of sites across Europe, North America and Australia. The company is currently ‘exploring’ the use of PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, an industry-specific solution for retailers that combines back office, promotional and loyalty data to ‘attract and retain customers’. EGG recently acquired the US-based c-store chain Cumberland Farms as part of an ongoing global expansion strategy.

IBM reports that Indian Oil Corp. has achieved a ‘strategic digital transformation milestone’, with the ‘go-live’ of its Project ePIC Platform (PeP) that will support some 12,400 distributors across the subcontinent. The distributors can now use the Indian Oil One mobile app and portal, developed by IBM Services. The Indian Oil One mobile app and portal are part of Indian Oil’s Project ePIC, an integrated platform for customer relationship and distribution management. The platform ensures real-time updates to inventory, orders, invoices, reducing the time to order fulfillment. More from IBM India.

Petrosoft and Bulloch Technologies have teamed to provide a back-office solution to a ‘global oil company’s’ Canadian convenience stores. Petrosoft’s CStoreOffice has been paired with Bulloch’s BT9000 POS c-store point-of-sale software that serves thousands of outlets throughout Canada and North America. Bulloch’s provides card and contactless EMV* payments without the need for a 3rd party payment system. More on the partnership from Petrosoft.

* Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.

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