Software, hardware short takes

Beicip-Franlab InterWell 2020, Open Flow Suite 2020. Bluware InteractiveAI. CGG GeoSoftware WellPath. Emerson/Paradigm Tempest 2020.3, Mette 2.2. Rock Flow Dynamics tNavigator v20.2. Stratagraph RockProp. AspenTech AIoT Hub. Barco laser video walls. Bilfinger PIDGraph. Brüel & Kjær Vibro VibroPort 8000. CEA Systems adds pipeline inspection to Plant4D. Modelica Standard Library V4.0. Neuron Soundware’s nShield basic. Pegasus Vertex TMPRO. Thermon Genesis Network. Assai Software’s DCMS 9.7. Cegal application management as a service. Esri ArcGIS Analytics for oil and gas IoT. Ideagen’s Q-Pulse cloud. R3 of OGRE Systems economics and volumetrics. Safe Software FME Server in Azure Marketplace.

Geoscience and reservoir

Beicip-Franlab has released InterWell 2020. The major release is compatible with Windows10 and RedHat7 OS and adds new functionality for depth domain well data management and seismic characterization. A new seismic fracture characterization workflow leverages Beicip-Franlab consulting’s experience. The new release offers advanced matrix characterization for lithology prediction and multi-variate analysis of 3D properties. Geostatistical inversion provides impedance estimates along with uncertainties in key reservoir properties. Beicip has also released Open Flow Suite 2020, now available in the cloud. On the desktop, the 2020 front end is the last version to run on Linux. As of OpenFlow Suite 2021, the GUI becomes Windows only, but all the simulators will be available for both Windows and Linux systems for cluster deployment.

Bluware’s InteractiveAI adds deep learning to seismic interpretation. InteractivAI automates data management and data science and allows interpreters to work on seismic data directly, without cropping, decimating, or rasterizing seismic traces.

CGG GeoSoftware has launched WellPath, a new interactive 3D well path planning solution for unconventional and fractured reservoirs and offshore developments. WellPath is part of CGG’s InsightEarth 3D visualization and interpretation suite.

Emerson/Paradigm has rolled out Tempest 2020.3 with improved accuracy for well-grid flow modeling, a new patented approach to well-grid connectivity and new ‘big loop’ ensemble analysis. Paradigm has also updated its Mette production modeling package. Mette 2.2 facilitates multiphase flow calculation and modeling wells, flow lines and gathering networks.

Rock Flow Dynamics has released tNavigator V20.2 with improved use of available GPU resources in simulation. Eight new seismic attributes are available in Geology Designer and new reservoir coupling functionality has been added to Model Designer. The new release also includes Fracture Simulator, a new module for hydraulic fracture modeling. More from Rock Flow.

Stratagraph has launched RockProp, a reservoir analysis package developed by the Cuttings Alliance - a consortium of Stratagraph, CoreSpec Alliance and PetroScale Reservoir Solutions.

Drilling, operations

Aspen Technology has announced the AIoT Hub, that enables OT/IT convergence. The Hub builds on Aspen’s IP.21 real time database, adding recently acquired technology including cloud-native connectivity from RtTech Software, the AI-driven IoT applications from Mnubo and the enterprise insights and visualization features from Sabisu.

Barco’s new RGB laser rear-projection video walls target mission-critical control rooms. The next-generation technology promises a ‘smaller ecological footprint’ and is available for both new installations and for retrofits. More from Barco.

Bilfinger’s PIDGraph uses machine intelligence to ‘understand’ blocks of plant equipment in a P&ID diagram along with the relationships between interconnecting pipes and wires. PIDGraph outputs XML files in the ISO15926i standard for data integration and hand-over. The open format allows unrecognized items to be rectified and the software learns from such user corrections. Bilfinger Digital Next (BDN) adds applications for maintenance and engineering.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s new VibroPort 8000 portable vibration analyzer for rotating and reciprocating equipment provides steady state and transient condition monitoring. B&K Vibro’s SetPoint condition monitoring software provides multiple analysis of shaft or bearing performance. Patented intelligent waveform capture identifies critical patterns. The system can be operated in standalone mode, linked to a laptop, or to an OSIsoft PI historian.

CEA Systems has added a new pipeline inspections module to its Plant4D flagship. The new module generates isometrics and inspection sheets automatically. Inspection reports are saved in Plant4D, linked to the corresponding pipeline and assets.

A new major version of the Modelica Standard Library, MSL version 4.0.0 is now available. Read the release notes on Git. The Modelica FMI group recently released Functional Mockup Interface version 3.0.

Neuron Soundware has released the nShield basic package, an entry-level edition of its equipment monitoring hardware and software combo. The package allows legacy equipment to be monitored with quick-to-install sound sensors. Neuron’s oil, gas and petrochemical industry solution provides remote machine health monitoring. More from Neuron.

Pegasus VertexTMPRO provides tubing engineering analysis to mitigate tubing and packer failures. TMPRO works for vertical or directional wells and helps design optimal packer settings. Tensions, collapse, burst, and von Mises failure analysis are built atop a tubular and packer database.

Thermon has introduced the Genesis Network, a cloud-based solution for managing and optimizing heat trace systems. Users can monitor and troubleshoot large heat trace systems of over 10,000 circuits. Wireless comms connect heat trace controllers to the control room and alarms, history and operational data is available from any network-connected device.

IT, data and information

The 9.7 release of Assai Software’s DCMS engineering document management system adds usability enhancements, improved planning and support for CAD file generation. Assai is also working on new ‘handover to project’ functionality to send selected document revisions directly to another Assai project.

Cegal has announced new ‘as a service’ offerings for application management operation. The offering builds on Cegal’s expertise in E&P application portfolio process management. More from Cegal.

Esri has released ArcGIS Analytics for the oil and gas internet of things, a demonstrator of Esri’s digital oil field offerings that monitor real-time SCADA data feeds along with live weather data. ArcGIS Analytics for IoT is a hosted solution that enables users to ‘ingest, visualize, and analyze spatial real-time and big data to gain new insights and take action to protect employees and critical assets’. More from Esri.

Ideagen has announced a cloud edition of its Q-Pulse governance, risk and compliance software. Q-Pulse is a quality, health and safety and environmental (QHSE) solution for, inter alia, the oil and gas vertical. More from Ideagen.

OGRE Systems has released a new version of its R3 Economics and Volumetrics package with updates to the scenarios, curve fitting and more. A new UI has been ‘designed for engineers by engineers’ More from Ogre Systems.

Safe Software has announced availability of a ‘distributed Windows deployment’ of FME Server on the Azure Marketplace. The solution comprises a virtual machine, file storage, load balancers and databases. More here.

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