Shell’s Studio-X

Open innovation studio to reimagine the future of work in exploration.

Shell Oil Co. has announced ‘Studio X, an ‘open innovation studio’ providing ‘energy innovators’ with software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges and mentorship opportunities. Shell has seeded Studio-X with three of its own software products that are set to ‘define the future of exploration’.

Xeek is a portal for crowdsourcing geoscience ideas that sets out to bring data scientists and geoscientists together to work on complex problems. XCover is a global talent network for virtual exploration projects that provides state-of-the-art virtual workstations to geoscience specialists for remote, collaborative project execution. A SixLab incubator provides exploration entrepreneurs with ‘world-class mentorship and resources to help shape the future of energy’.

Despite its virtual credentials, SixLab actually has a (rather unprepossessing) physical studio in Austin, TX, although the pandemic means that current tenants are working from home. These include David Thul whose GeoLumina startup is leveraging Shell’s Studio-X facilities to ‘find oil and gas cheaply and produce it with high cash margins’ using its own open source, AI/image processing algorithms. Boston Consulting Group’s Mauhan Zonoozy is acting MD for Studio-X.

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