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PIDX ETDX emissions reporting. OCG moots ZARR tensor data standard. PPDM explains reference lists. SEC publishes 2021 taxonomy. OPC Foundation, DeChema release UA DEXPI P&ID standard. IIC new vocabulary. OGC teams with Open Design Alliance. ECC, CII and CURT moot closer cooperation.

PIDX International has announced ETDX, a new standard for emissions transparency data exchange. ETDX is to cover exchange of data covering carbon emissions and other energy transition-type needs that need to be harmonized across industry participants. The initiative aims for clarity on energy standards by region and regulatory bodies as well as alignment between operators, suppliers, and network providers. APIs are planned for technical integrations for reuse and sustainability, and potential savings in resources. PIDX is also researching other organizations working on carbon tracking standards in specific areas of the energy industry. The initiative is headed-up by Chevron’s Franz Helin.

The Open Geospatial Consortium is considering the Zarr V2 storage specification for adoption as an official OGC Community Standard. Zarr is an open-source specification for the storage of multi-dimensional arrays of data a.k.a. tensors. Zarr stores metadata in JSON text files and array data as (optionally) compressed binary chunks. Zarr is particularly suited to cloud data storage. Zarr was originally developed for genomics research by Alistair Miles at Oxford University.

The PPDM Association has published a short explainer covering reference lists. Reference lists, a.k.a. controlled vocabularies can (and should) be used in data creation. Where possible, industry standard lists should be ‘owned and managed by a professional society or standards organization who develops and maintains the list on behalf of its members and industry’. PPDM’s 14-page explainer elaborates, inter alia, on the need for a reference list for units of measure, curiously without mentioning the Energistics work in this area. As we reported in 2013 the Energistics UOM work group included representation from PPDM. More from PPDM.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published its 2021 draft SEC Taxonomies for public review and comment. Vendors and other stakeholders are ‘strongly advised’ to review the organization of the taxonomy files, which have been updated from the 2020 taxonomies. Read more and access the drafts here. Transition guidance for the 2021 update will be posted on the standard taxonomies page.

The OPC Foundation and DeChema have produced a release candidate companion specification UA for DEXPI, V1.00 (OPC 30250). DEXPI is a general data exchange standard for the process industry, covering all phases of the lifecycle of a petrochemical plant, ranging from specification of functional requirements to assets in operation. Currently, the focus of the initiative is the exchange of Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). Members can download the release candidate spec.

The Industrial Internet Consortium has released V2.3 of its Vocabulary Technical Report including new or updated definitions for Internet of Things terminology. More from the IIC and in this issue’s editorial.

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is teaming with the Open Design Alliance (ODA) to ‘promote and strengthen’ the use of open standards for the location and geospatial industries. ODA builds software development kits for CAD and BIM standards including IFC, .dwg, and Autodesk Revit files.

An open letter co-signed by the Engineering and Construction Contracting Association (ECC), the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) heralds the establishment of an industry alliance to ‘capture benefits of increased content collaboration, better sharing of research and benchmarking learnings to improve application, diversifying industry sector participation and maximizing benefits from integrating conference production activities’. The announcement was made by 2020 ECC Chair Tony Bazzini (ExxonMobil). More in the Letter.

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