Red Hat/IBM’s Open Data Universe Anywhere

‘Fully-supported cloud-independent’ Kubernetes/Red Hat OpenShift shrink-wrapped edition of the Open Subsurface Data Universe.

A recent flyer from Red Hat IBM ‘Open Data Universe Anywhere’ promises cloud-independent deployment of the technology developed by the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum. OSDU is described as an open, cloud-native subsurface and production data architecture with API’s based on industry driven data standards. The data foundation promises ‘fast, easy-to-access data across the enterprise’.

Red Hat/IBM’s Open Data Universe Anywhere (ODUA) is a cloud-independent edition of OSDU that is claimed to enable secure, seamless enterprise-wide experience from anywhere. ODUA can be deployed on-premise, behind the firewall, on an in-country cloud or ‘at the edge’. Cloud independence is said to enable a flexible path to the cloud that avoids vendor lock-in. An optimized infrastructure-as-a-service can be deployed anywhere ‘leveraging multi-vendor models to deliver optimized business value’. A deployment closer to the data enables applications to capitalize on an organization’s ‘data gravity’ and provides for ‘complete data sovereignty’.

ODUA is available as ‘fully managed SaaS on the IBM Cloud with full-stack, full-lifecycle container security built-into the platform at every layer. ODUA is a ‘fully supported’ Kubernetes container application platform with Red Hat OpenShift and is also presented as an option for markets that are not cloud-ready. Download the flyer here.

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