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Brüel & Kjær Vibro VCM-3. Blue Marble Geographic Calculator 2020. New CGG GeoSoftware tools. Cold Bore Technology Frac Action. Endress+Hauser Netilion IoT. Emerson Mimic Field 3D. Exprodat Exploration Analyst V2. Safe Software FME 2020. Honeywell Enraf Tank Inventory System. New Century Software Integrity Plus by MISTRAS. OAG Analytics raster image server. OriginLab 2020b. TRC Consultants PHDwin V3. New ResFrac version. ResInsight 2020.04. Rose & Associates RoseRA. Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT Expert API. Siemens Sitrans LR100. VELO3D Sapphire.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro has launched its ‘next-generation’ VCM-3, a 12-channel data acquisition hub for monitoring pumps, fans, motors and other machinery. VCM3 offers advanced condition monitoring, easy system integration, built-in cyber security and simple IT installation.

The 2020 version of Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator comes with a new remote desktop protocol-enabled single user floating license option, new magnetic declination models including World Magnetic Model 2020 and IGRF13, and Lidar data conversion. The release introduces support for Geoid 18 for the United States.

CGG GeoSoftware has released new versions of its ‘cloud-ready’ reservoir characterization and petrophysical interpretation software. All GeoSoftware portfolio applications (Jason, HampsonRussell and PowerLog) now run on both Azure and AWS. The new releases offer advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence and new Python notebooks.

Cold Bore Technology has announced a beta version of ‘Frac Action’, its frac optimization software. Frac Action overlays high resolution, real-time stage frac data on prior stages for comparison with an ‘ideal’ pre-set stage Frac Action leverages Cold Bore’s ‘SmartPAD’ well site data collection system.

Endress+Hauser has announced ‘Netilion’, an industrial internet of things ecosystem for maintenance and life cycle asset management. Netilion provides documentation and data management, and plant performance and health status. A Netilion Scanner app captures asset data using QR codes or RFID tags. Netilion Analytics can be used to create a digital twin of the system for proactive instrument maintenance. E+H has also announced the Micropilot FWR30 cloud-connected tank radar level sensor. The device uses 80 GHz wireless IIoT communications to connect with E+H’s Netilion Value hosting service.

Emerson’s Mimic Field 3D immersive virtual reality environment is now available from AspenTech’s digital twin portfolio. Operators can interact with valves or other field equipment and see the impact on the process. Mimic Field 3D is used in an operator training context and integrates with existing 3D CAD facility models.

Exprodat has announced V2 of Exploration Analyst, a geoscience/oil and gas toolset for ArcGIS Pro. The new release includes a Well Results tool for after-action drilling reviews and investigation of underlying spatial relationships. An Analyse Prospects tool adds portfolio management, including prospect summaries by stratigraphic stage, volumes and play success. More from the Exploration Analyst blog.

The 2020.0 release of Safe Software’s FME geographic data manipulation toolset includes an interface to Google BigQuery GIS, Google’s cloud data warehouse for geographical data types and functions.

Honeywell’s new Enraf Tank Inventory System (ENTIS). ENTIS leverages the Experion platform to provide terminal operators with a ‘powerful, modular and easy to use’ solution for distribution and bulk terminals. The ‘next generation’ tank inventory system supports weights and measures-certified applications for custody transfer, accounting and reporting. The solution is said to comply with cyber security standards.

Integrity Plus by MISTRAS, a division of New Century Software, provides on-demand pipeline integrity services to fulfil operator requirements and assure that regulatory requirements are met.

OAG Analytics’ new raster image server handles 100GB plus sized images for use in subsurface data science workflows. Map caching enables imagery to be rendered smoothly in a web browser. OAG Analytics provides ‘hybrid machine learning’ tools that can be deployed as stand-alone applications or integrated into a company’s data science workflows. The image server is available now for on-prem deployment and will be available on the AWS marketplace real soon now.

The 2020b release of OriginLab’s eponymous data analysis and graphing software adds over 75 new features, apps and improvements. A new data navigator panel accesses multi-sheet Excel files. OriginLab provides data connectors to Matlab, HDF, Excel, and NetCDF and more.

TRC Consultants has announced PHDwin V3, a new version of its economics and decline curve analytical package. V3 adds a customizable user interface, improved calculation and reporting speeds, new graphics that include a ‘bendy B-factor’. Revenue, expenses, and investments can be displayed and scenarios captured as qualified data benchmarks. PHDwin V3 is currently available to beta program participants.

ResFrac has added a new user interface, modernizing what the company describes as ‘the industry’s first genuinely coupled hydraulic fracture, wellbore and reservoir simulator’. Hydraulic fracture simulations now run in the Microsoft Azure cloud. A locally installed GUI sets up the simulation, visualizes the results and manages simulations.

ResInsight 2020.04.01, the latest version of the open source 3D visualization, curve plotting and post-processing tool for reservoir models and simulations, is a ‘major update’ that supports import of 3D surfaces, Allan diagrams and cumulative phase distribution plots. Well disks display color-coded production and injection rates and new features have been added to the Python API. Read the release notes here and visit ResInsight on GitHub.

Rose & Associates has released RoseRA, a new prospect volume, chance and aggregation tool. RoseRA is said to provide comprehensive functionality that incorporates corporate best practices. Assessments can be run over any or all prospective zones and results aggregated in a single file. RoseRA was named in honor of R&A founder Pete Rose.

Schneider Electric has released a public API for its cloud-based EcoStruxure IT Expert hosted, IoT-enabled electrical systems monitoring platform. The API will allow solution providers to integrate EcoStruxure with third party systems, adding remote monitoring of power and critical infrastructure into their portfolio. Last year BP signed a five-year agreement with Schneider for the deployment of EcoStruxure architecture its upstream assets.

Siemens’ has announced the Sitrans LR100 series of 80 GHz radar tank level transmitters, described as compact, narrow beam instruments for installations in existing vessel openings.

VELO3D has launched Sapphire, an industrial 3D metal printer with a vertical axis of 1 meter, the ‘world’s tallest’ laser-powder additive manufacturing system. The system will be commercially available starting late 2020 and is compatible with nickel-based alloys.

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