Energistics’ JSON style guide

Standards body to produce a how-to guide for converting its canonical XML upstream data exchange standards to JSON, as favored by OSDU and the data science community.

Energistics is working on a Json style guide for upstream data exchange standards. The Json style guide (JSG) will cover Energistics’ WITSML, RESQML and PRODML standards. These are all currently based on XML which remains the format of reference for the time being.

The JSG reflects Json’s popularity for data science and cloud applications. OSDU, the Open Subsurface Data Universe uses JSON, and the JSG us a pathway for the integration of the Energistics data standards into the platform.

Notwithstanding Json’s popularity, the Energistics’ release emphasizes that XML allows for schema-based data verification. The JSG is an acknowledgement that a proposed JSON schema has now evolved to a ‘degree of usability’. But this, and other current JSON inadequacies, have led to various workarounds currently used to map from XML. The JSG is an attempt to rationalize these and allow for lossless transfer into JSON from the fuller featured but more-verbose encoding that is XML. More on the JSON Style Guide from the Energistics/OSDU web page.

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