Open Subsurface Data Universe update

Energistics now ‘devoting almost its entire effort to OSDU’. OSDU to leverage PPDM standards and best practices. All Emerson/Paradigm software to run on OSDU. Member count now at 750.

The June 2020 edition of the Open Subsurface Data Universe’ ‘In the Pipeline’ newsletter introduces the new Energistics integration team. OSDU plans to use recognized industry standards and expand them into critical areas of its business, notably the reservoir domain. The Energistics Integration workstream (a component of OSDU Release 3), due out later this year, is to ‘identifying opportunities to leverage, adopt and implement Energistics standards’. Energistics is currently devoting almost its entire effort to the OSDU Forum and initiatives. The OSDU R3 data platform will include ingestion and delivery of WITSML standard-format files, a related JSON style guide and a ‘manifest generator’ for WITSML. Energistics has also proposed a reservoir domain data management services capability, along with related reservoir data definitions for incorporation into OSDU. These will embed Energistics’ RESQML standard, with associated parsers, ingestion pipelines and more. Energistics’ Units of Measurement and standard reference values are also included in this activity. OSDU is also said to be interested in expanding into the production domain with PRODML.

PPDM has also announced further allegiance to OSDU which will be able to leverage PPDM standards and best practices. These include knowledge embedded in the PPDM data model, including terms and definitions, use of the PPDM Data Rules Library and the reference lists ‘What is a well’, ‘What is a completion’ and ‘Well status and classification’.

On the membership front, SparkCognition, and Emerson/Paradigm have signed up with OSDU, bringing the overall corporate headcount to around 750! SparkCognition help develop the forum’s standard data platform and Emerson is to contribute RESQML expertise and software to supports multi-disciplinary workflows on top of the OSDU platform. Emerson has also announced that its entire software portfolio will be connected to the OSDU data platform. Geolog already runs atop of OSDU. More from The Open Group’s OSDU minisite.

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