Total’s Digital Factory

Factory in downtown Paris to house its high profile ‘Digital At Total’ program, enthusiastically endorsed by CEO Patrick Pouyanné. The Factory is hiring.

Total is to open a ‘Digital Factory’ in central Paris next year and is looking to hire data scientists, data engineers, developers, DevOps specialists and coaches. The DF will house Total’s high profile ‘Digital At Total’ initiative which has enthusiastic backing from CEO Patrick Pouyanné. Total’s businesses now span oil, gas, solar, wind and a ‘low-carbon’ electricity businesses. Across the board, Total’s employees are said to ‘share a common conviction that digital is a key lever for innovation and value creation’. The initiative is also considered essential to Total’s ‘NetZero*’ carbon neutrality climate ambition for 2050. The DF is to create tailor-made digital solutions, accelerate at-scale digital delivery at all of Total’s sites around world and be a catalyst in Total’s digital transformation.

The DF team is to be assembled over a two-year period. Skill sets sought include Azure, SQL DB, DataBricks, Cosmos and the usual data science portfolio of TensorFlow, Scala, Python, PostgreSQL, Node.js and ElasticSearch. The DF is located in Paris’ ‘Silicon Sentier*’, in close proximity to Paris’ dynamic startup ecosystem. A ‘family spirit’ centered on ‘convivial rituals’ is promised for the digital factory workers!

* Silicon Street is a reference to Silicon Valley. In fact the DF will be located in Paris’ Rue des Jeuneurs which does not, as the name translates, mean the street of fasting people, but rather, as Wikipedia tells us, refers to an older name, the Rue des Jeux-Neufs, a reference to a 17th century bowling alley.

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