Geoscience clouds

Cegal announces GeoCloud a ‘vendor-agnostic’ petrotechnical cloud. BearingPoint teams with French startup Geoxilia on a LakEasy, a geosciences data lake.

Cegal has announced the GeoCloud* a vendor-agnostic petrotechnical cloud solution. GeoCloud is advertised as a ‘high-performance platform tailored to meet the challenging requirements of petrotechnical workloads’. The solution facilitates E&P applications and data management in a ‘scalable workspace’. The platform enables cross-border collaboration and global access to data and applications, providing a digitalization hub for data and application consolidation, and workflow automation. While the GeoCloud is ‘vendor-agnostic’ regarding geoscience software providers, it does not (yet) appear to be cloud-agnostic, the first GeoCloud release is for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

In a separate announcement, BearingPoint has teamed with French startup Geoxilia on a geosciences data lake, LakEasy. LakEasy promises an integrated multidisciplinary approach that makes for an ‘efficient continuum between geosciences and data sciences’. LakEasy provides a global vision of the corporate portfolio. Data ingestion is fully automated and monitored to ensure clean and secure data availability with direct access from geosciences software. LakEasy is currently implemented on AWS, with other cloud implementations available on demand.

* Cegal’s GeoCloud should not be confused with Pays International’s GeoCloud we reported on back in 2017.

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