A collaborative platform for ENI’s suppliers invites participation in a ‘sustainable transition’.

Italian national oil company Eni has revamped EniSpace, its supplier portal and collaboration Environment. EniSpace combines collaboration channels and ‘open innovation instruments’ with the traditional procurement processes. The interactive platform provides self-service management of applications, qualifications and tenders.

EniSpace has four sections. ‘JUST’ (Join Us in a Sustainable Transition), is an invitation to participate in Eni’s energy transition and align with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. Section two covers business opportunities. The third, ‘innovation match’ invites submissions of ‘principled and sustainable ideas and solutions’. Finally, ‘Agorà’ is a virtual marketplace for sharing experiences and best practices, ‘in line with JUST principles’. Here suppliers can compete and exchange views on their experiences and the solutions they consider most innovative, principled and sustainable.

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