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AVEVA adds Axonify’s microlearning to unified learning platform. Barco expands weConnect enterprise video learning environment with Panopto video. Shell signs five-year deal for GSE Systems EnVision cloud-based learning simulator. Honeywell to offer training needs assessment at automation college. IOGP Reports on enhanced well control training. Immersive ‘Virtual EDGE 3D’ gamified training from Norwell. Siemens adds Sitrain Access learning to Digital Industry Academy.

Aveva has partnered with Axonify, a ‘microlearning’ specialist to add artificial intelligence to Aveva’s Unified Learning training solution for industrial operations staff. AUL provides an integrated training platform with extended reality capabilities and tools for designing learning programs. Deployment can be on-site, in the cloud or hybrid. More from Aveva and Axonify.

Barco has added Panopto’s enterprise video platform to its weConnect visualization and collaboration technology to comprise a ‘virtual learning environment’ for universities, business schools and corporate learning environments. weConnect enables students to engage simultaneously with their in-person and remote classmates. Sessions are available on-demand and students can search through a video to find any word spoken or shown on-screen. Recordings are available to learning management system and can be shared with third parties for accurate, human reviewed closed captioning.

Shell has signed a five-year subscription to GSE Systems’ EnVision cloud-based learning simulator in a $1.65 million deal. Shell has been using EnVision simulations and tutorials at its refining operations since 2005. The new deal sees EnVision delivered from the cloud, providing on-demand access to 60 generic process simulation models, 30 tutorials in five different languages and ad hoc remote training.

Honeywell’s Automation College now offers a training needs assessment service to identify gaps between a corporation’s automation system capabilities and its workforce’s skills. The TNA provides a comprehensive training plan delivered through secure, cloud-based access to the Experion PKS and PMD training environments. A PMD ‘driving license’ certifies trainees’ competency.

IOGP Report 476 (now in its third edition) provides recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination and certification. The report covers onshore and offshore well control operations worldwide. Coverage spans well design, drilling and completion, work-over and P&A. Version 3 adds a training levels guidance chart, also available as a standalone item from the IOGP Bookstore.

Energy e-learning company Norwell EDGE has released Virtual EDGE 3D, an immersive scenario game that puts oil and gas worker’s skills to the test. Players are transported to virtual rigs where they can explore the layout, equipment and systems needed to drill wells. Tasks are aligned with the content and learning outcomes on Norwell EDGE’s digital training platform. Scenarios cover both onshore and offshore wells and can be tailored to specific company projects and activity.

Siemens is expanding its Digital Industry Academy to include Sitrain Access, a new digital learning platform. Courses are delivered via web-based training, tutorial videos, blended learning and practical exercises.

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