New API for Energistics' ResqML and other data exchange standards.

F2i Consulting white paper presents FESAPI, a software development kit for Energistics’ technical architecture. Consortium formed to progress initiative.

Bordeaux, France headquartered F2i Consulting has published a white paper titled, ‘Simplifying the deployment of Energistics data transfer standards’. F2i’s ‘FESAPI’ application programming interface is a high-level, open source software development tool kit for reading and manipulating Energistics’ XML data transfer formats and making them accessible from multiple programming languages. Initial focus was ResqML v2.0.1 and the key components of the Energistics common technical architecture, the packaging conventions and HDF5, the technology used to store and managing large, complex data arrays. FESAPI development is ongoing and will extend to all Energistics’ data formats, WitsML, ProdML, ResqML and ETP, the Energistics transfer protocol.

FESAPI is multi-platform (Windows, Linux and MacOS) and polyglot, with its native C++ classes available to .NET, JAVA, Python developers through SWIG wrappers. gSOAP classes allow for easy XML serialization and deserialization access to HDF5 libraries for importing and exporting numerical values into binary files. FESAPI is released under an Apache 2.0 license and located on GitHub.

Dynamic Graphics’ Carl Godkin gave a strong endorsement to the toolkit, ‘FESAPI has saved us an enormous amount of development and debugging effort, we rely on FESAPI for our CoViz 4D RESQML implementation because of its high quality and straightforward API’.

An Energistics consortium has been established to prioritize and fund future development. ExxonMobil, Total and Dynamic Graphics are on board. Others, operators, service companies and software developers are invited to join the open source project. Interested parties should contact Jana Schey at Energistics.

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