'Digiref' to rationalize Total's engineering documentation

Specifications and rules extracted from documents and datasheets to separate technical, quality, contractual, and design requirements.

Speaking at the 2019 Complex Systems Design & Management conference, Thierry Forsans presented Total’s Digiref project, an initiative to harmonize and simplify Total’s engineering procurement documentation by ‘digitalization’. The project, which kicked-off in 2019, involved around 530 documents and 104,000 individual requirements from 17 technical disciplines.

Digiref involves the migration of specifications and requirements documentation from paper and PDF documents into a cloud-based database using an ‘off the shelf’ software package. The new system aims to simplify authoring and use across Total E&P projects and operations and, in the future, contractors and vendors. Documents and datasheets have been analyzed down to the level of individual specifications and rules to distinguish between technical, quality, contractual, and design requirements.

Digiref specifies areas where international standards and Total’s own company-specific requirements apply. ‘Criticality ratings’ and their justification are said to ‘ease the derogation process’. Digiref is set to ‘increase the visibility of technical requirements for all stakeholders and lead to a better understanding of Total’s engineering specifications’ and will ‘reduce project costs by facilitating the work of engineering contractors and equipment vendors’.

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