Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard

Netherlands USPI standards body floats 3D model for construction and digital twin operations in possible rapprochement with emerging BIM standards.

The Netherlands-based USPI-NL standards body has kicked off a Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) project in a web conference attended by most major owner operators and EPCs, as well as several software vendors and institutes. FL3DMS will be a practical specification for use by owner operators in their contracts with EPCs. The specification should capture current best practices and be usable across construction and operations. FL3DMS will support the creation of a digital twin, allowing real time data to be ingested into the model by standardizing model structure and labelling. Initially the specification will leverage proprietary modelling tools, but may evolve into a neutral format over time.

FL3DMS has an ambitious scope, spanning the validation of construction planning and work package completeness, the use of laser scans and digital photogrammetry in model data acquisition, GIS, control systems, historians and ERP system. All connected via a common taxonomy. A subsequent phase envisages the integration of civil engineering building information model (BIM) data into the 3D model, extending scope with consistent cross-domain tagging.

FL3DMS will leverage the IOGP JIP36/CFIHOS specification for model reference data. The ISO 19650/PAS 1192 BIM standard is also cited as foundational to the new initiative in what appears to be a departure from the venerable ISO 15926 approach and (possibly) mirroring the subsuming of the US Fiatech by CII/BIM. USPI is seeking partners for the initiative and envisages a €7,000/per year fee for USPI members.

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