Kosmos deploys Geocomputing RiVA.

Re-architected geotechnical system provides Dallas-based explorer with remote, low latency access to multi petabyte geodata set.

VP IT/CIO Rob Thomas reports that Kosmos Energy has recently completed a re-architecture of its geotechnical systems utilizing RiVA from Geocomputing LLC. The new platform provides superior system performance and gives Kosmos geoscientists remote access to subsurface projects.

Kosmos started very small and grew organically with the Jubilee discovery in Ghana in 2007. A decentralized geotechnical system environment emerged as it grew. Kosmos is a frontier explorer and has a multi-petabyte seismic portfolio. The legacy, decentralized architecture and growing user count had become unsustainable in system management and performance.

Thomas was hired to address these issues and began looking for a high-performance solution that addressed requirements of centralization, an agnostic and large toolset, remote access, and outsourced geotechnical IT support. Geocomputing LLC was selected and the whole Kosmos portfolio, along with its GOM Deep Gulf Energy acquisition was merged into a single system. From concept to completion took about 18 months.

The system provides a high-performance experience to users across North America, a key requirement as Kosmos likes to keep its dispersed ‘senior’ oil finders in play. When the company farmed out its Mauritania-Senegal discovery, a data room was established in London (due to visitor US visa delays) and was supported remotely from Dallas. Performance exceeded expectations with data latency at around 100ms. Geocomputing RiVA has also been tested in Kosmos’ offices in Accra, Ghana with good (203ms) latency. Thomas concluded that ‘the flexibility of this system is light years ahead of the legacy decentralized system before it’.

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