Infoscience Technologies launches Opportunity Finder

Patented ‘DNA sequencing-inspired’ algorithm claimed to locate non-obvious plays in large text collections.

Paul Cleverly, long-time researcher and upstream taxonomy/NLP guru, has launched Opportunity Finder (OF), an online tool that applies artificial intelligence to find new hydrocarbon plays within a corpus of unstructured text (papers, reports and presentations). OF is marketed through Cleverley’s start-up Infoscience Technologies.

OF leverages ensemble machine learning models and some 10,000 individual ‘clues’ for identifying potential evidence for source rock, maturation, migration, reservoir, trap, seal and hydrocarbon occurrence. A patent-pending method, inspired by DNA sequencing, is claimed to ‘go beyond traditional text extraction’ looking for patterns that match with potential, non-obvious oil and gas plays. Oxford, UK-based InfoscienceTechnologies was founded in November 2018 to apply deep geoscience domain knowledge and computer science to petroleum exploration, mining and other verticals.

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