Semantic come-back?

Cambridge Semantics pushes Anzo graph database for heterogeneous oil and gas data. AnzoGraphDB 2.0 adds freeware edition.

Semantic web and graph technology specialist Cambridge Semantics is making a push into the oil and gas vertical as reported in a recent podcast, ‘Accelerating data integration and insights in oil and gas*. Dave Lafferty (president, scientific technical services) presented Cambridge Semantics ‘Anzo’ graph database as able to ‘take complex data relationships and express them simply’. Heterogeneous data, as encountered in oil and gas, can be ingested and re-assembled in different contexts, re-organizing or pivoting data according user requirements. Anzo uses the Sparql query language and the W3C standard RDF/OWL semantic technology. Support for Neo4J’s Cypher query language is under development.

Sam Chance explained that Anzo acts as an overlay to existing data sources, providing a data fabric for ad-hoc access and applications and capable of executing new queries on the fly. Anzo is said to be based on open standards. In the Q&A, Anzo was compared to another integration technique, data virtualization. There are similarities, the ‘one overall source’ is a common metaphor. But Anzo’s graph model overlay and semantics is said to allow a business-oriented view and to enable ‘machine reasoning’.

In a separate announcement, Cambridge Semantics has released AnzoGraph DB V.2. AnzoGraphDB (AGDB) is a separate product from the Anzo database engine core. AGDB lets third parties build their own graph database applications, scalable ‘beyond the capabilities of the many transactional and single node graph databases on the market’. V2.0 of AGDB adds labelled property graphs in RDF and an SDK for MPP-capable analytical functions that will run in a cluster. Cambridge Scientific is also taking an idea from Neo4J’s marketing playbook with the introduction of a free edition to ‘allow the graph community to start using our analytical graph in commercial projects at no cost’.

* The podcast was hosted by the Oil and Gas Journal. A replay is available on the Cambridge Semantics website.

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