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Arvizio, Magic Leap. Basic Energy Services, Wellbore Integrity Solutions, OFS Portal. BP, Amazon Web Services. ChaiOne, Payload, Conexiom, Microsoft, PIDX. CMG, Shell. Dell, ENI. DNO, DNV GL. Brunei Shell, GEP. Sinopec Sripe, eDrilling. Emerson/Paradigm, Repsol. EnergyIQ, WhiteStar. ExxonMobil, Fiserv, Amazon. ExxonMobil, Tencent. Schlachter Oil, Field Squared. Getech/Exprodat, OSDU. Halliburton, Repsol. Endeavor Energy Resources, IFS Applications. Lekoil, Infor. Katalyst Data Management, IHS Markit. Schneider Electric, Kinaxis. Knust-Godwin, Velo3D. Neptune Energy, Cegal, Bluware. Nuverra, Ondiflo. Blendtech, Opto22. Petrofac, Microsoft. PGS, Google. Recon Technology, Future Gas Station, Xinglin. Eurotech, Retelit. Nanalysis Scientific, Sartec. Searcher Seismic, Cloudera. Schlumberger, ExxonMobil. Storage Heaven, ThinkOn.

Arvizio has partnered with Magic Leap to shrink large CAD/BIM models and LiDAR scans and make them usable on Magic Leap’s spatial VR/AR headset, Magic Leap 1.

Basic Energy Services and Wellbore Integrity Solutions have both joined the OFS Portal supplier organization.

BP is closing its two EU ‘mega’ data centers and migrating all data and 900 hosted applications to Amazon Web Services. Hosted apps include (downstream), AVEVA unified supply chain (previously Spiral Suite) and ‘approximately half’ of BP’s 65 SAP production environments. BP is also creating a data lake on Amazon simple storage service (Amazon S3), for use across its businesses and plans to leverage Amazon’s Kinesis streaming data service and SageMaker machine learning.

ChaiOne, a provider of ‘behavioral science-led digital solutions’ has joined PIDX, the petroleum industry data exchange body. Another new PIDX member is Payload, a mobile/web-based supply chain software boutique. And yet another is Conexiom, a provider of automated order and invoice processing software. In its annual activity review, PIDX reports that Microsoft ‘agreed to join’ the oil and gas e-commerce standards body in Q4 2019.

CMG is to allocate more resources to CoFlow, its ‘next generation’ reservoir flow modeler, developed under an exclusive agreement with Shell. Shell’s financial contribution is to rise, and CMG has agreed to ‘specific development targets and deployments across a broader range of Shell’s assets. CMG also reports revenue increase from clients moving to its cloud-based offerings, introduced in fiscal 2019.

Dell has designed and built a 52 petaflop supercomputer for ENI, claimed to be the ‘world’s most powerful industrial system’ The system, named HPC5 is located in Milan, Italy and comprises 1820 Dell EMC servers, each with four NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, interconnected via Mellanox’s InfiniBand data fabric. The system will be used to accelerate seismic workloads, to run Stone Ridge’s Echelon GPU-based reservoir simulator and to develop new AI-based approaches to energy discovery and processing. HPC5 ‘would’ come in at number 5 in the TOP500 in the world, if it had entered. But there again, other oil and gas HPC installations might be competing for the top slots if they were moved to enter the race.

DNO has awarded DNV GL a framework agreement for the provision of engineering and management support and verification services in its Norwegian operations. One project already underway is a study of hydrogen-induced stress cracking.

Brunei Shell Petroleum is to deploy GEP’s ‘Smart’ procurement software to manage source-to-pay across its subsidiary operations. Smart supports spend analysis, savings tracking, sourcing, contract and supplier management, purchasing and invoice handling.

Sinopec’s Sripe drilling R&D unit is to deploy eDrilling’s WellAhead drilling decision support system which will integrate Sinopec’s drilling automation solutions.

Emerson E&P Software (Paradigm) is to bring to market Repsol’s ‘cutting- edge’ Kaleidoscope seismic processing, imaging and interpretation technologies.

EnergyIQ has teamed with WhiteStar Corp., making WhiteStar’s grid and wells data sets available from EnergyIQ’s competitive intelligence solution.

ExxonMobil and digital finance specialist Fiserv have teamed to let customers pay for gasoline using Amazon Alexa. Alexa-enabled vehicles, Echo Auto and other Alexa-enabled mobility devices will allow a user to say, ‘Alexa, pay for gas’. Availability is announced at some 11,500 Exxon and Mobil stations in the US later this year. Watch the video.

ExxonMobil has signed with Chinese internet company Tencent and spares platform Tuhu to establish an integrated ‘supply to business to consumers’ car care network. The joint venture will grow the Mobil-branded car care network in China and leverage the strength of all partners to provide a ‘digitally-enabled’ car maintenance experience.

Schlachter Oil has signed with Field Squared to ‘streamline and digitally transform’ its well site operations. Field Squared’s field service automation platform that streamlines field service operations. Schlachter will use the platform in its production and injection scheduling and reporting, work order management and to manage its asset portfolio.

Exploration data and software provider Getech/Exprodat has joined OSDU, the Open Group’s Open subsurface data universe forum. More from Getech.

Halliburton has announced a multi-year agreement with Repsol to provide a cloud-based master data management solution for E&P. The software as a service enables users to load, ingest, manage and access log, well and other data across different location.

Midland, Texas-based Endeavor Energy Resources is to use IFS Applications, running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, as its new ERP system of record at its oilfield services division. IFS Applications spans field ticketing and work order generation from a mobile device and on into the general ledger.

Nigerian E&P Lekoil has selected Infor SunSystems and CloudSuite EAM to underpin its future growth plans. The solutions will be delivered and supported by business solutions consultant Progressive TSL. More from Infor and TSL.

Katalyst Data Management has added over four million kilometers of IHS Markit’s AccuMap seismic data library to its SeismicZone portal.

Schneider Electric reports continued digitalization of its supply chain with ongoing deployment of Kinaxis RapidResponse. Kinaxis provides ‘concurrent planning’ and ‘end-to-end supply chain visibility and execution’ in the face of ‘ever-changing market volatility and constraints’.

Precision-tool and component manufacturer Knust-Godwin is to target the oil and gas vertical with the acquisition of a Velo3D Sapphire 3D printer and flow and quality management solution. The kit joins KG’s fleet of seven metal additive manufacturing machines in Katy, Texas. Sapphire’s low-print-angle capability makes it possible to recreate a spare part ‘as-is’, offering cost-savings and improved turnaround time.

In a new ‘digital subsurface program’, Neptune Energy is working with several suppliers to speed exploration, reduce costs and bringing discoveries into production faster. The effort includes the development of new tools to scan and interpret seismic data. Neptune is also testing workstations provided by Cegal with data hosted in the Azure cloud, leveraging artificial intelligence technology from Bluware. More from Neptune.

Nuverra Environmental Solutions has completed a pilot of Ondiflo, a ‘blockchain platform’ for the oil and gas industry. Ondiflo was used to automate field ticketing of Nuverra’s produced water and frac water hauling and other service jobs. More from Ondiflo.

Terminal automation system provider Blendtech has ‘cut the cost of compliance’ with the API 2350 overfill protection standard using an automation solution from Opto22. More from the case study.

Petrofac has selected the Microsoft IOT toolkit its digital ‘Connected Construction’ platform. The Petrofac platform leverages Accenture’s Industry X.0 methodology and is undergoing trials at a Petrofac EPC project in the Middle East.

PGS has chosen the Google cloud platform to host cloud-based multi-client data. PGS is also working on seismic imaging in the cloud and on the use of machine learnings and artificial intelligence for subsurface data analysis. In another digitalization project, PGS is working with Cognite to improve fleet performance by optimizing fuel consumption reducing maintenance costs through equipment monitoring.

Recon Technology’s 43%-owned Future Gas Station has provided Xinglin Gas Station (a gas station in Jiangsu Province) with an internet marketing service using its DT Refuel mobile app. The service includes a customer relationship management system and ‘data-driven’ decision support. FGS’ marketing service analyzes consumer behavior to reduce operating costs and facilitate marketing cooperation with third parties to increase gas station revenues. FGS charges 0.5% of the transaction amount as operation and technical service fees. In a separate announcement, Recon’s Nanjing Recon Technology Co. has won a bid to build the automation system for PetroChina’s Jidong Oilfield. The winning bid was RMB 9.5 million per year for a three-year period.

Eurotech is collaborating with Italian Retelit on a new ‘multi cloud’ ecosystem of IoT platforms and infrastructures for industry and government. The solution combines Retelit Multicloud with Eurotech’s Everyware ‘edge to cloud’ IoT solution. More from Eurotech.

Nanalysis Scientific and Sartec are to jointly develop process analytical solutions for the oil and gas industry. The solutions leverage Nanalysis’ compact NMR products and Sartec’s patented machine learning and artificial intelligence software. More from Nanalysis.

Australian Searcher Seismic has built a cloud-based seismic data service using technology from Cloudera. Searcher’s 20 petabyte data library is now available through ‘Saismic’, a data on-demand service with support for deep learning and advanced analytics. Saismic object detection and image segmentation from a ‘distributed, scalable, big data store’. Along with Cloudera, Searcher uses Apache Spark and Hbase for hybrid cloud environments. More from Cloudera.

Schlumberger and ExxonMobil are jointly working on the deployment of digital drilling solutions around planning, execution, and continuous improvement through learning. The deal sees ExxonMobil implement Schlumberger’s DrillPlan well construction package across its unconventional operations.

Storage Heaven has partnered with infrastructure and data management services provider ThinkOn to provide for magnetic tape migration and duplication services. StorageHeaven manufactures ‘TapeMaster’ a stand-alone migrator and duplicator. ThinkOn adds a Clone2Cloud service that streamlines the process, ‘moving hundreds of thousands of older tapes directly to the cloud’. Storage Heaven claims extensive experience in oil and gas tape migration, emulation and cloning and has provided OEM solutions to several global oil and gas solution providers. More from Storage Heaven.

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