MemComputing ‘quantum performance’ in software

Chevron Technology Ventures and US DARPA back HPC boutique’s ‘deep belief networks’.

High performance computing specialist MemComputing has been selected by Chevron Technology Ventures for inclusion in its Catalyst Program. Chevron’s funding will enable MemComputing to explore the applicability of the technology in oil and gas. MemComputing’s MemCPU ‘extreme performance computing’ (XPC) architecture is said to be ‘based on the logic and reasoning functions of the human brain’. The hosted software uses ‘physics principles’ to solve problems in the field of artificial intelligence.

MemComputing claims that its GPU-based software, like the quantum computer, ‘enables processing power to exist in multiple states and perform multiple tasks at the same time’. MemComputing inventor and UC San Diego physicist Max DiVentra claims the technology offers quantum computing performance today, in software!

Chevron is not the only believer, DARPA, the US Defense advanced research projects agency is to chip-in to the program with a $500,000 grant spread over 18 months to ‘further develop MemComputing’s technology and its applications to AI’. The DARPA funds will be used to trial the technology on the unsupervised learning, or pre-training, of ‘deep belief networks’, systems of multi-layer neural networks that are used to ‘recognize, generate and classify data’ and to address the goal of the third wave of AI, machines that adapt to external stimuli in real time. More from MemComputing.

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