Twin digital twins

Kongsberg and Shell sign digital twin deal for Nyhamna gas facility. DNV GL proposes a ‘probabilistic digital twin’

Shell has awarded Kongsberg Digital a contract for the digitalization of its Nyhamna facility, a gas processing and export hub. The 100 million NOK contract promises ‘agile and iterative’ deliverables starting from Q4 2019. A dynamic virtual representation of the gas plant and its behavior will be built atop Kongsberg’s Kognifai data platform, continuously updated with real time information on the facility’s status. The platform will provide Shell with the ability to ‘simulate scenarios and uncover new options for optimization of its real-life counterpart’. Err.. sounds like a simulator to us… More from Kongsberg.

In a separate announcement, DNV GL has proposed a ‘Probabilistic Digital Twin’ concept, a three-way combo of process, structural reliability and quantitative risk models. PDT is said to ‘close the gaps’ between digital twins. According to DNV, risk models are rarely leveraged in operations. They are usually confined to desk studies of historical data, offering a static picture of potential risks. PDT allows operators to adjust operations or take preventive actions to maintain an acceptable risk level at all times. The PDT includes probabilistic degradation and failure models, logic and relational models that relate performance variables to failures and loss events and surrogate models for fast queries and propagation of uncertainty and model coupling. Read the DNV GL’s PDT position paper here.

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