A Digital Factory in Paris

Total aims for $1.5 billion ‘value’ per year by 2025

Total is to open a Digital Factory in Paris early in 2020 to house some 300 developers, data scientists and other experts to accelerate its digital transformation. The Factory is to leverage the capabilities of digital tools to create across all of Total’s businesses.

Total needs new digital solutions to improve its operations, in terms of both availability and cost and notably in managing and controlling energy consumption. The Factory will also extend Total’s new distributed energies and reduce its environmental impact. Total’s ambition is to ‘generate as much as $1.5 billion in value per year for the company by 2025 through additional revenue and reductions in operating or investment expenses’.

CEO Patrick Pouyanné opined, ‘Digital technology is a critical driver for achieving our excellence objectives. The Digital Factory will serve as an accelerator, allowing Total to systematically deploy customized digital solutions. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and 5G are revolutionizing our industrial practices, and we will have the know-how in Paris to integrate them in our businesses as early as possible. The Digital Factory will also attract the new talent essential to our company’s future.’

The Factory is headed-up by Frédéric Gimenez, chief digital officer. Teams will comprise developers, data scientists, architects, specialists in agile methodologies who will work with operating personnel from Total’s different businesses in the 5,500-square-meter facility located in the center of Paris. Establishing the factory follows the signature of partnership agreements with Google on artificial intelligence and geosciences and with Tata Consultancy Services on Refinery 4.0.

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