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Amalto and FIS Global. Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. AspenTech. BHGE and Blue Marble and MangoMap. dGB and TetraSeis. FPT Corporation. KBC and AVGI. Luna Innovations. Matrox and VuWall. Projetech and SRO Solutions. Quantum and RS Energy Group. SeekOps and Impossible Aerospace. E-matica and Seeq. Siemens and Fraunhofer. Schlumberger and Microsoft. Schlumberger and IHS Markit. Schlumberger and Tibco. Schlumberger and Chevron. SkyX and Aerial Project Analytics. TechnipFMC and DNV GL. TGS and Quantico. Quorum Software. UTSI International and Sensewaves. Wellbore Integrity and OFS Portal. AFTI WatchDog.

Amalto and FIS Global have entered into a partnership whereby the Amalto e-Business Cloud is integrated with FIS Getpaid. All invoices-related responses, disputes and deductions are now displayed in Getpaid. More from Amalto.

Amii, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute is to collaborate with Imperial Oil on machine learning for the oil patch. The two-year agreement targets the development of Imperial’s in-house machine learning capabilities with AI projects to enhance recovery, reduce environmental impacts and improve workforce safety. More from Amii.

China HuanQiu Contracting and Engineering Corp. is implementing AspenTech software. The wholly owned China Petroleum Engineering Corp. unit has implemented Aspen HYSYS Dynamics software to maximize safety, throughput and profits at the design phase of critical systems.

BHGE and have announced BHC3 Reliability, an AI application that provides early warning of production downtime and process risk to improve operational productivity, efficiency and safety. BHC3 Reliability is the first artificial intelligence application developed by the joint venture. BHC3 Reliability leverages a ‘system-of-systems’ approach that scales to any number of assets and processes across offshore and onshore platforms, compressor stations, refineries, and petrochemical plants, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Reliability draws on BHGE’s domain expertise by augmenting application alerts with failure prevention recommendations and prescriptive actions.

Blue Marble Geographics has teamed with web map service specialist MangoMap to allow Global Mapper users to upload map data directly to an online Mango-hosted map site, for sharing with other stakeholders. Mango’s web deployment capability provides a ‘seamless’ one-stop GIS data management, visualization and sharing tool.

dGB and TetraSeis have joined forces to develop new workflows for detecting and interpreting seismic fractures. ‘DMW’, TetraSeis’ duplex wave migration technology for imaging sub-vertical discontinuities in seismic data is to be interfaced with dGB Earth Sciences’ OpendTect seismic interpretation platform. To create the new plugin, TetraSeis’ DWM code needs to be upgraded to commercial standards, a new GUI is to be developed and tools for post-processing, interpretation and QC need to be integrated in OpendTect workflows. Sponsors are being sought for the work and for participation in a proprietary case study. dGB has also announced Terranubis, a cloud-based portal for buying, selling and interpreting seismic data sets and interpretations. More from dGB.

RWE AG has extended its IT service agreement with Vietnam-based FPT Corporation, a leading South East Asian IT services provider. FPT will be providing emerging technology solutions in areas such as internet of things, mobile solutions and robotics process automation. FPT will also provide consulting and development services in test automation, SAP/ABAP development and SAP consulting and application maintenance. The agreement lasts until year end 2024.

Yokogawa unit KBC has partnered with AVGI, combining Petro-SIM with AVGI’s COILSIM1D software for olefin modeling. The solution will deliver capital efficient plant design and optimization through end-to-end modeling of integrated oil refining, aromatics and steam cracking complexes. More from KBC and AVGI.

Luna Innovations reports deployment of its fiber optic-based sensing technology with an unnamed Colombian pipeline transport company. The lines were outfitted with over 1,000 strain sensors. Luna’s Hyperion optical sensing interrogator now provides real time data on the mechanical behavior of the pipelines under diverse soil conditions. The information is used as a predictive measure of pipeline integrity, to establish new maintenance protocols and mitigate ruptures and remediation costs.

Matrox Graphics has partnered with VuWall on advanced video wall and visualization technology for the control room. VuWall’s VuStation is now connected to Matrox’s Extio 3 high-performance IP KVM extender, allowing for interaction with multiple sources from a single KVM station running on a standard Gigabit network switch.

Projetech, a distributor of IBM Maximo via SaaS has partnered with UK-based SRO Solutions to connect Maximo users with SRO’s data migration and replication tools. The alliance ‘sets the stage’ for Projetech to expand Maximo into the oil and gas vertical.

Quantum Energy Partners and RS Energy Group are to jointly enhance Quantum’s data analytics capability. RSEG’s predictive analytics will support its Quantum portfolio companies’ operations and strategic planning.

Gas sensor specialist SeekOps has teamed with Impossible Aerospace on solutions for the oil and gas vertical. SeekOps’ SeekIR gas sensors will be flown from Impossible’s US-1 drone. The new platform will allow natural gas leak inspection over larger geographical areas and complex facilities. The US-1 offers industry-leading flight times 3x greater than other all-electric multirotor drones. More from SeekOps.

E-matica is to offer Seeq’s OSIsoft-focused solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of its Italian client base. E-matica provides innovation and process improvement to clients in the oil and gas and other verticals.

Siemens reports successful tests of interactive data glasses for augmented reality applications. The Glass@Service HMI, developed by a consortium led by the Fraunhofer Institute, acts as a personal information system allowing for interactions such as eye and gesture control. The Glass@Service project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). More from Fraunhofer.

Schlumberger has announced a technology partnership with Microsoft to develop cloud-native solutions in the Azure and on the Azure Stack, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud. The Delfi cognitive E&P environment is now available on Azure, along with Schlumberger’s petrotechnical suite. The Eclipse and Intersect reservoir simulators are now available on-demand from the cloud. The DrillPlan well construction solution is now also available on the Azure Stack. Microsoft and Schlumberger are also working on an Azure-compliant open source Delfi data ecosystem, said to be one of the first OSDU data platforms in the Azure cloud.

Schlumberger has also announced a collaboration with IHS Markit on the WesternGeco GAIA digital subsurface platform. The deal provides analytics-ready data from IHS Markit directly accessible from GAIA. Initially the deal will cover well, production and asset information. The deal will subsequently extend to a collaboration in petrotechnical and data science R&D to deliver new data solutions on the GAIA.

More Schlumberger wheeling and dealing as witnessed by a deal with Tibco for the provision of advanced analytics in the Delfi environment*. Tibco Spotfire and Tibco Data Virtualization will be available in Delfi, ‘augmenting’ Schlumberger domain science applications with new analytics capabilities, ‘intuitive’ data virtualization tools and analytical workflows. The companies plan to ‘jointly develop descriptive and advanced analytics for new insights into the ever-expanding volume of E&P data’.

Comment: We thought that Delfi was already an advanced analytics environment!

Schlumberger has announced an ‘enterprise-wide’ deployment of Delfi chez Woodside Energy delivered in a seven-year technology collaboration. Woodside is to leverage the secure cloud-based software environment to increase consistency, reduce study cycle time and foster innovation in its subsurface characterization and development activities.

Comment: Sounds like cognitive Delfi has displaced cognitive Watson see Oil IT.

Also announced was a three-way deal between Schlumberger, Chevron and Microsoft for deployment of Delfi on Microsoft Azure.

A partnership between SkyX, an aerial monitoring solutions provider, and Aerial Project Analytics (APA), a topographic survey and site monitoring solutions provider, has kicked off with a ‘multimillion-dollar’ contract for the inspection and monitoring of hundreds of miles of pipelines for a major energy corporation in Africa. SkyX’s autonomous aerial systems will track the environmental impact of operator’s activity. APA adds a ‘thorough’ site inspection capability and incident monitoring to minimize and preventing catastrophic incidents.

TechnipFMC and DNV GL are to provide a qualification service for the integrity of digital twin technology. The methodology aims to bring a level playing field to the definitions and expectations of digital twins and is to ‘set a benchmark for oil and gas operators, supply chain partners and regulators to establish trust in digital twin-generated data for performance and safety decision-making in projects and operations’. The methodology will be built upon DNV GL’s Recommended Practice for Technology Qualification: DNVGL-RP-A203 a 20-year-old framework for the accreditation of unproven hardware in the oil and gas industry. The method is to be piloted on a subsea development project delivered by TechnipFMC starting early 2020 and published as a recommended practice during the second half of the year.

TGS is teaming with Quantico Energy Solutions to combine their respective offerings in seismic data, AI-based well logs, and AI-based seismic inversion, combining TGS’s data library and analytics ready LAS well logs with Quantico’s ‘QRes’ combination of physics and machine learning based subsurface mapping. More from Quantico.

Titan Rock E&P has selected Quorum Software’ SaaS upstream oil and gas solutions to support its operations and position the company for future growth. Quorum’s cloud-based production allocations and reporting, scada monitoring and land management solutions were included in the deal.

UTSI International and Sensewaves have partnership to combine UTSI’s industrial control system consulting for pipeline operations with Sensewaves’ AI technology. The result is Adaptix Pipeline, a machine learning platform to mitigating unplanned product stoppage through validation of leak alarms, improving predictive maintenance and identify intrusive activity in pipeline right-of-ways through analysis of cathodic protection data.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions has joined OFS Portal as a supplier member.

Whitecap Resources is to extend its use of AFTI’s WatchDog across its production assets. WatchDog provides low-cost oil well and pipeline monitoring, eliminating the routine well-site visit.

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