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Achilles’ Oil and Gas Europe. Aker Solutions’ Intelligent Subsea. Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s VC-8000. Bentley Nevada Orbit 60. Brady Inspection Timer. CGG HampsonRussell/Jason. DNV GL Sesam Insight. EasyCopy EasyCore 2.0. Elysium InfiPoints V 6.0. Emerson/Paradigm. EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform. Geophysical Insights Paradise. Halliburton Landmark DecisionSpace 365. Pegasus Vertex MudManager/cement displacement JIP. Quest Global Eagle 2.0. Siemens Teamcenter. Sphera IRM 4.0. Software AG TrendMiner. Universal mCloud AssetCare. Weatherford ForeSite.

Achilles has announced the launch of Oil and Gas Europe, a ‘comprehensive supplier network for the oil and gas industry. The network is powered by Achilles JQS and FPAL services and brings together 6,000 suppliers and 148 buyers across the UK, Europe and Nordics into one supply chain. A community-based dashboard provides enhanced analytics for improved procurement, based on 20 years of validated data held by Achilles.

Aker Solutions’ ‘Intelligent Subsea’ combines modular, optimized and configurable subsea equipment with automated design. Both subsea and topside systems are optimized, and concepts can be rapidly developed with the aid of ‘advanced digital tools’ that also extend field life enabled by condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and system enhancement as the field matures. Aker also offers all-electric and subsea gas compression technology.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s VC-8000 Setpoint machinery protection system has received SIL-2 certification for functional safety applications. The system has been tested to ensure compliance with ISO 61511/API 670 and IEC 62443.

Baker Hughes Bentley Nevada unit has releases the Orbit 60 series machinery protection and condition monitoring system, the ‘future of machinery asset protection, condition monitoring and advanced diagnostics’. Orbit 60 is designed for use with Bentley Nevada’s System 1 diagnostics software.

Brady Corp’s innovative Brady Inspection Timer’s LED lights ‘grab the attention’ of users and maintenance professionals alike and highlight when the next planned maintenance intervention is due. Versions are available that count down 7 days, 30 days and 365 days. Each version is equipped with a dark green, light green, yellow and flashing red LED light that indicate a ‘recently inspected’ up to an ‘uncertain’ equipment status.

CGG GeoSoftware will include machine learning technology in the Python ‘ecosystem’ in upcoming releases of its flagship HampsonRussell and Jason reservoir characterization solutions. The Python API will allow experts and data scientists to customize machine learning and reservoir characterization workflows with Python ML libraries such as Google Tensor Flow and proprietary code. CGG earlier added a Python interface to its PowerLog petrophysical software.

DNV GL has announced Sesam Insight, a means of sharing 3D engineering models among stakeholders, avoiding the ‘lack of transparency’ that results when asset knowledge and data remain with contractors instead of asset owners. Sesam Insight provides access to the data and models for subscribers on any device and is said to be a game ‘game-changer’ for improving decision-making and reducing errors. Watch the video.

A new release of EasyCopy’s digital core description solution, EasyCore 2.0 has been released with custom visualizations, enhanced data import/export and new column groups and overlay/underlay options. A free hand tool captures sketches and annotations in the field or lab. Download a trial version here.

InfiPoints V 6.0, the latest release of Elysium’s laser point cloud software now includes tools for extracting piping and structures from point clouds into Autodesk Revit CAD. A plug-in enables a direct connection from InfiPoints to Revit including geometry and non-geometrical information such as piping standards and attributes. More from Elysium’s video.

Emerson/Paradigm has ported its complete E&P software portfolio to the cloud. Emerson’s petrotechnical software can now be run locally, hosted or in a hybrid mode. Different configurations can be either managed by clients or as a service package where Emerson manages IT operations on the cloud and provides software support, maintenance and operation. The cloud-hosted software is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

EY’s Digital Energy Enablement Platform (DEEP) is a toolset for the digital integration of key processes across the value chain, from complex well engineering, production and maintenance optimization, supply chain management and financial modeling. DEEP embeds Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 and runs on common data model. The platform can be extended across the oil and gas organization, ‘breaking down silos and reducing cycle time and costs’. A parallel solution, EY UtilityWave performs a similar integration for Utilities.

Geophysical Insights has added a scripting language to its flagship Paradise AI-powered seismic interpretation package. The Paradise scripting language and editor add custom signal and neural network analysis with over 600 geoscience specific commands. The language processor was built with Intel Fortran, Parallel Studio XE 2016 64-bit on Windows Studio Ultimate.

Halliburton Landmark has released DecisionSpace 365 a suite of cloud-native E&P applications powered by iEnergy, the Landmark hybrid cloud designed to deploy, integrate and manage customers’ E&P applications. The cloud applications include Scalable Earth Modeling, a high-fidelity, fast earth modeling solution that uses all available data, without upscaling, to produce rock property models that can be interrogated across all scales of resolution, Full-Scale Asset Simulation for multiple, fully coupled sub-surface/surface scenarios for field development planning and the Data Foundation, ‘a holistic, multi-model application leveraging multiple cloud native data stores to ingest, manage and access sub-surface, engineering, log, seismic, and corporate data’. More from Halliburton.

Pegasus Vertex has rolled out MudManager, an online database management system for the managers and supervisors of drilling fluids companies, which links individual mud engineers’ data into a single location for data searches, well comparison, evaluation, and data correction. Earlier this year PVI also announced a joint industry project to investigate optimizing displacement efficiency for cementing operations. The JIP is developing a full computational fluid dynamics (CFD) module on top of CEMPRO+ along with 3D visualization of flow and fluid concentrations and laboratory testing. More from PVI Software.

Quest Global has announced ‘Eagle 2.0’, an end-to-end customizable open source asset management platform for the Oil & Gas and Power industries. Eagle connects assets and factories by aggregating data from disparate sub-systems, remote devices and multi-sites. The customizable framework consists of the Eagle Edge and Eagle Cloud. The Edge data aggregation hub captures data from field devices for ingestion to the Eagle cloud or other cloud platforms.

Siemens' Teamcenter software ‘weaves a digital thread of data’ through an enterprise’s portfolio of plants and other assets, from capital project delivery to operations, spanning design, construction, and operations. The digital thread, via a strategic alliance announced last year, ties into Bentley Systems iTwin cloud services to enable project and asset performance digital twins. More from Siemens.

Sphera’s new IRM 4.0 solution leverages Industry 4.0 principles to help companies manage and execute plant turnarounds. The software uses risk as a key driver in planning major turnarounds in addition to resources, materials, contractors, availability and costs. The solution provides tools to improve ‘risk-based lean scope’, holistic management and optimization of the turnaround and improved safety.

Software AG has released TrendMiner 2019.R3 with a new analytics-driven ‘production cockpit’ that compares live and historical production to display diagnostics, quality status and provide predictions to operators and management through custom dashboards. TrendMiner integrates with historians including OSIsoft PI, Yokogawa Exaquantum, AspenTech IP.21, Honeywell PHD, GE Proficy Historian and Wonderware InSQL.

Universal mCloud has expanded its AssetCare asset management solutions with new capabilities including advanced industrial IoT sensors, drone-based AI-powered aerial capabilities, and digital twins for process simulation and 3D virtual facility walk-downs. More from Universal mCloud.

Weatherford has added business intelligence powered by Microsoft Power BI to its ForeSite production optimization platform for the oilfield. The integration accelerates ForeSite users’ ability to deep dive into their production data, conduct analyses, and create simple, easy-to-digest data visualizations that illustrate virtually any production scenario from the well to asset level.

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