Bureau Veritas teams with Shell TechWorks spin-out on digital bolt management

Cumulus cloud-based maintenance and construction platform enhances inspection, minimizes fugitive methane risk.

The interface between things digital and the real world is where the digital transformation really is taking place. Bureau Veritas has brought the real and virtual worlds closer together with the launch of a ‘digital integrated bolted joints management solution’. The digital bolt addresses testing, inspection, and certification services and is powered by Cumulus’ Smart Torque system.

The digital bolt will allow inspectors, contractors and operators to better manage safety-critical bolting assemblies by providing facility and operation managers with data on improve work quality and will help minimize fugitive emissions and mitigate the risk of major accidents due to leaks. The solution provides real-time data and traceability during maintenance and shutdown activities and a digital solution for planning, tagging and tracking flange management activities with full accountability of contractors at the individual worker-level.

Cumulus Digital Systems connects workers, tools and data to a cloud-hosted software platform to manage maintenance and construction workflows. The platform collects data from digitally-enabled tools in the field to provide a single source of truth for real-time quality assurance and progress tracking, replacing expensive and time-consuming inspections. Cumulus is a spin-out from Shell’s Cambridge technology center, Shell TechWorks.

Cumulus CEO Matthew Kleiman observed, ‘Manual work at industrial sites has not changed significantly in the last 50 years, so the opportunity to innovate an analog process is exciting.’ BV’s Geert Jan De Vries added ‘Our oil and gas clients are committed to zero leaks at their facilities. This integrated solution has been proven successful to support this initiative’. The solution will integrate BV’s industrial inspection services portfolio and be delivered to clients worldwide. More from Bureau Veritas and Cumulus.

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