On the transfer of CFIHOS to IOGP

Oil IT Journal received a clarification from the International oil and gas producers' association regarding the transfer of the Capital facilities information handover standard.


Ladies, Gentlemen,

I attended a meeting of the USPI-NL Cfihos standard earlier this year and am in the process of writing a short report on the event. I learned that Cfihos, the capital facilities information handover standard is to be handed over to the IOGP where it will come under the JIP33. I would be extremely grateful if you could confirm this and perhaps provide a few lines on your plans for Cfihos in its new home.

Regards Neil McNaughton
Editor, Oil IT Journal

To Oil IT Journal


Your enquiry has been passed to me because I am leading the Task Force that is managing the transition of the CFIHOS development from USPI, which has been administering it until now, to IOGP. This reflects a desire by the CFIHOS members to accelerate the development of CFIHOS and expand its scope in the supply chain by accessing the additional resources and funding that IOGP can provide. The CFIHOS work will be conducted under a new IOGP Joint Industry Project (JIP 36). All current and prospective CFIHOS members will be invited to participate in the new JIP 36, including EPC Contractors, equipment suppliers and software providers.

CFIHOS currently has approximately 70 participants. A further advantage of bringing CFIHOS into the IOGP standards development work is the linkage to JIP 33: the information requirements in those technical standards can be directly aligned with the CFIHOS Reference Data Library and Data Model, facilitating the industry’s transition to more digital work processes. CFIHOS version 1.4 is to be released shortly. The next steps in the development of CFIHOS will be governed by a new CFIHOS Steering Committee that will be elected by the CFIHOS members participating in JIP 36 later this year.

CFIHOS will continue to be a collaborative venture between Oil and Gas Owner/Operators, other process industry Owner Operators (mainly Chemicals and Nuclear), EPC Contractors, Equipment Suppliers and Software Providers, all of whom are providing valuable input to ensure that CFIHOS is a practical standard that can be used by all stakeholders to increase efficiency – reducing both cost and cycle time.

Regards, Robert Talbot
Chief Project Management Engineer
ExxonMobil Global Projects Company

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