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Allied Reliability has announced SmartCBM, a condition-based equipment maintenance solution. SmartCBM builds on Allied’s proprietary failure mode library, derived from an analysis of some three million components in 1500 facilities. The solution delivers early diagnosis defects, identifies root causes of failures and prescribes corrective actions. SmartCBM can optionally integrate with PTC ThingWorx’ industrial internet platform for remote visualization of condition and process data.

Altair has launched SmartWorks, an internet of things and business intelligence platform that make operational data of engineering applications accessible.

AFGlobal has announced the Performance drilling platform for managed pressure operations. PDP is a hardware and software combination for ‘closed-loop’ drilling. Capabilities include: applying surface back pressure, set point pressure control while drilling, automated ramp schedules during connections, early kick loss detection and choke condition-based monitoring. PDP is built around AFGlobal’s rotating control device technology. The PDP toolkit allows operators to configure metering and measurement, task-specific intelligent control and ‘safely and efficiently maximize performance’. AFG has also announced DuraStim, a 6000 HP, cloud-connected pressure pumping solution for hydraulic fracturing.

Berlin-based startup Appygas has released its eponymous solution for gas traders. In the EU, much data on gas tariffs is in the public domain, but often in unhelpful formats and inconsistent units, ‘making it tedious, especially for new market players, to get a full and correct market overview’. Appygas gives traders ‘efficient and reliable’ access to gas market data from some 40 EU sources, harmonized and aggregated with to a ‘best/newest’ data logic. An Appygas route calculator calculates transport fees, classified by price, capacity type and operator. Appygas is backed by GRTgaz Deutschland. Register for a trial on Appygas and watch the video.

Aria Insights (previously CyPhy Works) integrates AI and machine learning software into its drones. The company’s intelligent, autonomous drones collect and analyze data to create actionable insights. Aria’s focus on artificial intelligence builds on years of experience. Aria’s 'flying robots’ can identify information of interest, send an alert when new information is detected and push data to a digital 3D map. Target applications include maintenance operations in confined spaces such around as oil tankers or pipelines. Real time capabilities can monitor disasters and alert first responders. More from Aria Insights.

AspenOne users can now maintain engineering applications from the cloud. Microsoft Azure shops can deploy Citrix’s virtual apps essentials. Alternatively, Nutanix’s Frame allows customers to deploy to either Azure or Amazon web services. AspenTech also reports support for AdoptOpenJDK in aspenONE V10.X. The AOJDK toolkit is an alternative to Oracle Java whose T&C’s are changing. More from AspenTech.

The 2019 release of Blue Marble GeographicsCalculator includes a universal copy and paste function, a new angular unit conversion tool, support for Nadcon 5.0 and an updated seismic survey conversion functionality.

OSIsoft has announced the Element Asset Framework Accelerator, a combination of software (from Element Analytics) and services that are said to speed building PI AF data models by a factor of ten. More from OSIsoft.

Ensco has unveiled its continuous tripping technology, a hardware and process control solution to automate movement of a drill string in or out of the well at constant speed. CTT is currently under test on the Ensco 123 jackup. CTT was developed in collaboration with NOV, BoschRexroth and Keppel FELS. Watch the (great) video.

Esri has released ArcGIS Earth for Android and iOS. Users can add their own KML and KMZ data, take screenshots while navigating, connect to ArcGIS Enterprise and identify features by tapping on the globe. More from Esri.

Fieldbit 5.0 promises ‘next generation’ augmented reality for technical field service personnel from a redesigned Android interface, an integrated knowledge and ticketing systems and interactive chat/video and remote ‘over-the-shoulder’ coaching. The iOS edition adds image recognition and ‘Slam’, simultaneous localization and mapping.

GeoLogic Systems GeoScout V8.9 adds a drilling module along with data supplied by participating companies. GeoScout Drilling provides access to digitized tour report data, drilling time breakdowns and multi-well comparison.

Ikon Science’s RokDoc 6.6.1 delivers ergonomic enhancements along with enhanced seismic wiggle trace drawing and the ability to create difference gathers for the analysis of, e.g., 4D time-lapse production-related effects, or to assess seismic data before and after pre-stack data conditioning workflows. A new plug-in creator reduces the effort required to generate XML scripts to ‘wire’ proprietary code into RokDoc. JiFi, Ikon’s joint impedance and facies inversion technology now provides a full depth domain, amplitude and kinematic inversion capability.

iLandMan has issued an application programming interface (API) to let users integrate its lease management software with engineering, finance, mapping and other systems. ILandMan also offers direct connection to P2 Bolo, OGsys, Tobin, TGS, IHS, DrillingInfo and State conservation department data.

Sintef has released a new version of MRST, the Matlab reservoir simulation toolbox. The 2018b release adds a new GUI to the diagnostics module for postprocessing simulation output, automatic restarts and new sequential implicit compositional solvers.

RB Asset Solutions from auctioneers Ritchie Bros. introduces ‘data-driven’ asset management and disposal. The cloud-based solution offers high-volume customers a complete inventory management system, data analytics and dashboards, branded e-commerce sites and web-enabled external sales channels.

Schlumberger has announced several new software releases, OLGA 2018.1, PIPESIM 2018.1, CoreDB 2017.1 (sic) and ProSource 2018.1. Schlumberger has released Ocean for Petrel 2019 ‘field introduction 1’, now in ‘commercial-ready state for plug-ins’. Developers can compile and submit their plug-ins for Ocean Store acceptance and release in Petrel 2019.1. A pre-commercial license and approval from SLB is are a prerequisite. Schlumberger has also published a list of newly available plug ins for Petrel.

Thermo Scientific (previously VSG) has released V10 of its Open Inventor toolkit, putting its flagship visualization engine on a ‘modern’, QT5-based rendering engine.

Pays International has kicked-off a seismic machine learning classification pilot study, and is offering a free, four-week study of a client’s seismic and well data.

Petrofac, with help from a client, has developed the Petrolytics dashboard, an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform for predictive maintenance.

Petrolink’s new manage by exception function helps drillers prioritize and manage the high volume of alerts generated during drilling.

The 18.4 release of Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator adds local grid refinements for detailed modeling in the vicinity of XYZ fractures, multi-point statistics and velocity cubes computed from checkshot data. History matching is improved with multitarget optimization using a particle swarm methodology.

Rose & Associates has announced Unconventional rapid assessment (URA), a ‘comprehensive yet affordable’ software solution to screen for resources and assess low permeability investment opportunities. URA provides a range of unconventional KPIs including number of productive units, wells per section and in-place and recoverable resources. URA analytics can feed into R&A’s ProjectRA for cash flow analysis.

R21 of Seeq’s analytics toolkit adds a new scorecard and fast Fourier transform analytics. FFT is used, inter alia, in oil and gas to identify process oscillations due to poorly tuned controllers or sticking control valves and other frequency-based indicators.

Siemens has integrated Calgary Scientific’s PureWeb interactive 2D/3D web tools with its Comos Walkinside 3D VR plant information viewer. PureWeb brings 3D viewing to any web browser or mobile device.

Yokogawa has announced a new cavitation detection system, a component of its Oprex plant asset management and integrity solution. The hardware and software solution can detect small, high frequency pressure fluctuations as a bubble collapses in the transmitter, providing earlier detection of cavitation than conventional detectors.

Landdox has released a new integration with ThoughtTrace’s ALI platform.

PermianChain Technologies has launched the prototype of its blockchain-based platform for trading potential oil and gas reserves. The platform is being developed on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric.

Emerson has released Roxar Tempest 8.3, its integrated reservoir engineering suite. The new product suite strengthens Emerson’s end-to-end exploration and production software portfolio, comprising Paradigm and Roxar software solutions that help operators efficiently exploit both new and established reservoirs.

BHGE has launched Lumen, an integrated platform for drone-based methane monitoring.

PDS Group has announced the 2018.12 release of its Ava Clastics sedimentology and analogue database with new visualization and filtering capabilities across its Fakts, Smaks and Dmaks data sets.

Kappa Engineering has released Emeraude v5.20.

Schlumberger has introduced Concert well test solution that adds real-time surface and downhole measurements analytics and collaboration capabilities to well testing.

Ansys Cloud has been released providing ‘instant’ access to HPC from within Ansys’ products.

Oildex (now a Drillinginfo unit) has launched Owner relations suite, to provide owner support, lower costs and boost productivity.

Capgemini has launched Perform AI, a new portfolio of solutions and services to assist organizations in building and operating ‘at scale’ enterprise-grade artificial intelligence.

Hexagon has released CadWorx Structure professional 2019, adding workflows for structural element placement and tools to keep projects on schedule and budget.

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