Energistics overview and plans

From SOAP to Web Sockets to JSON. Standards for the midstream/dowstream. Open source solutions for ETP development, Dlis and ResqML.

In a January 2019 webinar, Energistics provided an overview of its standards portfolio along with current and future plans. All Energistics standards now share a common technical architecture and consistent metadata, coordinate reference system and units. The well data flagship, Witsml now captures three data types, static reference data (used to move well header data between repositories), ‘snapshots’ used in daily reporting or fluid analysis, and ‘growing objects’ such as well trajectory, wireline logs and drilling parameters.

The Energy Transfer Protocol (ETP) represents a shift from earlier XML SOAP to true streaming real time data over Web Sockets (a companion to HTML5). These are now ‘orders of magnitude’ faster with much lower latency. ETP can also be used to stream data between earth models and even from high volume field-based digital acoustic sensing devices.

In 2019, Energistics plans to extend its data transfer work into the midstream/downstream area and to continue to develop new tools like the ETP dev kit from PDS, Equinor’s Dlis-io library (on Github) and FesAPI* from F2I-Consulting, an open source, multi-platforms, multi-languages API for the Energistics standards. Energistics is also looking at rising interest in the cloud and new data technologies like JSON.

A questioner asked if there was an open source tool to convert ‘vanilla’ Wits to Witsml (apparently there is not). Energistics CTO Jay Hollingsworth was pressed on JSON as a possible replacement for XML. This is going to happen for data exchanges but Energistics is currently waiting for a definitive version of JSON schema that supports validation. The new ETP is ‘full of JSON’ and, while the latest edition of Witsml is XML, logs are now embedded as JSON arrays. Hollingsworth also confirmed that the Energistics is working on an OPC-UA information model for Witsml and ‘real soon now’ for Prodml.

* FesAPI is now being developed by a consortium led by Dynamic Graphics.

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